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This is the world record for the most damage dealt in squads. Also almost the most kills in a single game. (the record is 34)
This was an absolutely insane match, where he got an AWM-s and an SV-98, one of the best possible combos for a high kill game, and two of the rarest guns.

This game was played and recorded by serin, go and subscribe to him!

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Recorder: Windows 10 Game Bar.
Editor: Movie Maker.

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  1. Wow dude my solo squad record is only 12 kills which I won.

  2. A small mistake : not 32 kills but 22 lmao
    No lying

  3. Its looks like he play in pc? Not phone. Hahaha

  4. I AM CALM.

    WHAT SORCERY IS THIS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!/1?!/1!?!?1!?!?!???

  5. I'm bad so my best is 13kills and I have 16 solo wins but I have custom controls and I'm an OG

  6. i've gotten a 34 kill game with M249 and U-SAS 12. I didn't record though

  7. To do this u need to have incredible time management and skill! Wow!

  8. If he would have finished them all directly it would have been like 36kills and 5500dmg for sure

  9. And I think its cool when I get 10 kills… 😢😢😢

  10. If he would have finished those people fofo wouldn’t have beat his damage record

  11. keep in mind serin lost 5 kills so it wouldve been 37

  12. if they had kill leader then, showing who had the most kills

  13. I have better duo kills than that 2nd clip lol also I got it a long time ago for all of those kind of kids that respond to this

  14. That moment you realize that if none kills were stolen this would be world record. >:(

  15. my best is 27 but my dmg was in the 3 thousands it didn’t save tho because I did at school and they have securely on it so I can’t log in 🙁

  16. How do u know it’s world record there is PPL that like have goten 80 or maybe 67 kills in

  17. You are one of the best idk whose better u or Sv 98 gaming I think that’s his name you’re legit tho

  18. i think those three racing up the stream were bots

  19. still havnt beat that damage im like 50 away this shows ur og

  20. This Video Is only PRØ vs 100 noobs , who don’t know how to shoot

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