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Today we’re going to talk about how to set up and play the new local co-op game mode in #survivorio so you can play the game you love with the people you care about the most. Here’s a Local Co-op guide to help you get started!

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  1. Bro what is this blatant rip-off of vampire survivors. The weapons are reskins, the characters are reskins, and they just add micro transactions.

  2. julio man gamer (if i hit 1k i use a choco pfp) says:

    Hi and nice vide- E

  3. When click on trails only the challenges pop up

  4. My Trials doesn't show any Co-Op just Trial Chapters to collect keys or whatever.

  5. I'm I the only one who this is not working for?

  6. Can I play with a player who is on andrioid if im on apple?

  7. Would love some help with this. I have trials unlocked but there is nothing saying co op when I click it

  8. any tips on how i can figure out how to play with my gf? she is chapter 11, and we’re both on the same wifi and game version. i’m chapter 30, but the rooms don’t pop up nor does the iP work

  9. Why cant i play it. It doesnt show me the co op feature and i have updated it

  10. I can’t play it for some reason…
    It keeps on saying “please check your connection” when I have full bars and I’m connected to the internet??? I tried turning off my internet and using my cellular power and it still says that???

    Any help?

  11. My problem is I want to play it with my sister but he didn’t have it in her screen

  12. Sadly i cant play it with my bro he got an android so the version is different from iphone..

  13. Coop doesn't seem to even be an option on the game?

  14. I need help because when ever I go to trials it dosnt show the local co op thing it just show missions

  15. You need to say you need to finish chapter 10 to play co-op mamaguebaso

  16. V𝔢𝔫𝔡𝔢𝔱𝔱𝔞 🇺🇸 says:


  17. Both my friend and I are beyond chapter 10 and we both have Co Op unlocked. When one of us tries to make a room using the same wifi, nothing shows up on the room list. Not even the room ID would work

  18. Mine doesn’t do that when I push trials

  19. It did work not of me me and my dad want to play together I'm at chapter 6 like my dad

  20. Hey great video but how do you unlock trial mode?

  21. My tabs doesn’t look like that tho I don’t know what to do

  22. Do we need to be at a certain level to play together I’m a much higher level than my brother and it’s not popping up yet and everything is up to date

  23. My trials don't look like that and co-op isnt there. What do I do? I updated and uninstalled and reinstalled. Its still not there.

  24. Wait wait does it have to be both players are in same level or no?

  25. I think you have to be relatively close to the same chapter as whoever you’re trying to play with. Me and my brother have been trying everything to play together but its not giving us an option to join each other’s rooms. Im a significantly higher level than him, that’s the only reason i can think of why its not working, we’ve both made it past chapter 10 and have tried hosting rooms separately

  26. When I go to trials it does not show that all it shows is the chapter and what difficulty you want

  27. Zero teir one don't work
    When I open network show to me
    At least one address must be specified
    What should I do?

  28. So this game advertises multiplayer, but only has a coop? How do I access this “battle between the pros” as advertised? How do I get level 500+?

  29. After what chapter does this mode unlocks … I am at 9

  30. when does coop unlock ? i dont have it yet.

  31. If anyone is seeing this comment join my clan called “The Real World” it will be open to everyone for only a short amount of time join soon

  32. They removed the option to Co-Op also you had to be on the same internet for it to work currently it was all in the directions people

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