*NEW* TESTING SUPER PERKS with 15X SCOPE IN SURVIV.IO! (Surviv io Savanna Update) - glimmergame.com

*NEW* TESTING SUPER PERKS with 15X SCOPE IN SURVIV.IO! (Surviv io Savanna Update)

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There has been a surviv.io update earlier today including a range of new perks such as small arms, one with nature and many more. In total, 11 perks are in the limited time Savanna map so get play on surviv!

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  1. Same happens to me. Can't believe I found the 15x scope with the awm ammo gun.The new one

  2. IHASYOU, what kind of screen recorder are u using?

  3. There was this one perk called aimbot, I think an enemy used it

  4. like the event but am used to watching people who have some skill or skill play

  5. I killed you in a game my nickname was vietnamesetree

  6. The hunted actually has a limit. First is 3 kills, and then it depends how much the originally hunted's kill. I mean you can't be the hunted if you don't overrun the best kills hunted's kill

  7. Hmmmm,good video.Guys,how many times you get 15 score?Me two times

  8. Dude I killed you in this game before like 4 times
    Idk how but I was playing mobile

  9. Its funny how this dude havent got pass 117k in months 🙁

  10. hey i played with you a copple times yesterday my name was laserbeam

  11. i have played with you multiple times. my name is Streamerbtw

  12. That guy you killed after breaking the rock was me 😕 I spawned in late and you put the icing on the death cake ☹ your still awsome in my eyes tho

  13. I like windwilk because when me shot I take fist and faster hit he

  14. A alguien más nos ase creer pero el más está fallando me dio un poquito de risa.

  15. The reason he had better aim than you is because he had small arms, and that made him smaller so you couldn't hit him.

  16. iHASYOU, why don’t you like mosins and svs anymore?

  17. I Found a ghilire suit in COBALT MODE HOW DID I FOUND THE GHILIRE (And i wear it when i was medic) And it dont drop the other pink hat How

  18. Прикольно отыграл!

  19. step 1: find mk 12 ssr in cloud crate with infinite ammo
    step 2: profit

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