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The Valentine mode is finally back on!



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  1. this mode sucks especially heart cannon LOL
    could have put more effort into it and not just recolor potato cannon

  2. Try the test on the asia server,there are a lot of hackers there.i can't win it😭

  3. wow eres muy bueno una puntería buenísima 10/10

  4. I got three wins in ten games, but I'm not as good as you

  5. It's funny how I ended up coming across him and then got targeted

  6. Why didn't u played in solos? There the lobbys filled better xD

  7. OMG…you got sv-98 and the cannon! It is insane…Btw the lobby is dead. 10 kills only. Btw perfect aimming!😍

  8. It's such a beautiful Valentine's day this mod I love it it has an emotion that makes me flutter I love VALENTINE

  9. I hope that GAMERIO has finally found his girlfriend, even if that case is private. 💝

  10. I was watched this stream video but is 10 seconds.

  11. You can increase the number of subscribers if you make other mini games

  12. Can’t even get a 20 in solo squad these days

  13. I wonder… why don't you play and do your gameplays with those who log in? You only infiltrate easy games and you shouldn't, because in those games that you play they are just beginning to learn how to play. I recommend that you improve those videos before moving on to the next level.

  14. May god bless me, why am I only one who has retired from this game

  15. Idk this mode has no changed and as long as kongregate let the game worse, I just quit the game and I don’t want to be with toxicity people, this is very sadge and the oldest days of surviv is bette than now, Now is terrible, I need to remember how surviv is good at 2019 🥺

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