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Season 12 has arrived! There are 30 new levels and I’ll buy them all since missions no longer work. I played with the legendary items and got 2 AWM-S! I had to play on the North America server with a delay so there were enough players.



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  1. ther are so many people at the American server……

  2. I’m a mobile player and I’m trying to learn how to play on a computer. Does anyone have any tips. I’m doing so bad lmao

  3. How do you have 50+ player lobbies I’m lucky to have 30 in mine

  4. How are u able to play surviv? When ever i want to play nowadays, it just says "failed to find game" or something like that

  5. I can't complete any tasks at all 😥😥😥😥 can anyone give me 3005 GP Pls?

  6. Same mission won’t work >:( I missed the last season cuz of it

  7. Even through the lag and high ping, GAMERIO can still get 10+ kill games easily.

  8. having 143588 gps nice we now have rich and poor people in surviv

  9. The quests… Hope the devs fix it soon it has been happening for a month for me

  10. Does anyone know how to fix the missions

  11. I can't do missions and my account is newly created 🙁

  12. Anyone know how to fix the missing glitch? 😭

  13. Master buying all the season pass with the levels.

  14. mọi người chi tôi hỏi là tại sao tôi bấm vào trận mà nó cứ bảo thất bại là sao ??

  15. 1. you cant get anything from quests so i couldnt finish season 11
    2. i didint even know that season 12 arrived, last time i checked the season still had 36 days…

  16. gente, si saben como arreglar lo de las misiones por favor informen🥺🥺
    o bueno, si saben como hackear papas como el gamerio también avisen porfis 🥺🥺

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