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nEw w0rLd*s bEsT oOfScReEn m0nTaGe?!!!
eZ bEatkillz
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  1. My guess is that when he shoots the crate, you can see the bullet keep going so that could have richochet off several things (Yeah it would be weid that it could kill someone that long after being shot) but that's my guess

  2. You got the mosin kill because kong sucks at owning this game

  3. It went through on his screen but it looked like it hit on yours

  4. i feel like g0dak isn't tRyHArdiNg, hes using 0.001% oF hiS p0wEr :eyes:

    pls do trYhArding aGaiN

  5. u ArE a SwEaaaaaaaaTy HAxeR mAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAn >:(

  6. I shot a scout a few days ago and it killed someone way off screen about 3 seconds later.

  7. 4:09 you shot the box and the bullet kept going. Must have killed someone with that stray bullet.

  8. Cuz LIKE KONG, it went through to someone right behind somehow by going right through somehyow by missinng, somhow by stray shots reaching out soehow by somehow :3

  9. 4:26
    The first person he shot was really low, so the mosin shot killed him before the full bullet hit him. Then there was another guy somewhere behind him and he was really low as well. So then the rest of that mosin-nagant bullet hit him and killed him.


  10. nib

    and y youtube show me this vid 1 day after release?
    f*ck youtube

  11. hm what do i see there?
    he switched the ad to "MW"?
    pr0e coder!

  12. U know how u broke that box with a mosin before you killed that guy the mosin shot went through it

  13. 4.26 the answer is: Kongregate planned this shot just for you g0dak. They are ( from my Point of View ) setting up an event called…The unknown and unexpected trickshots. In a mathematical Point of View it is x³+y³+z³=k. x is grid square, y is the bullet, z is the angle.

  14. I have a dumb answer : mosin shot magically hit a barrel, and when it exploded the mosin shot got much power and u did luckily a kill on a low random that was on the other side of the world. Second option : when u shooted, the bulled hitted a crate (we can see this at 4:09), the travel time of a normal mosin bullet got bigger and u killed a low random 1 second before it could end(the time). The total time that ur shot travelled was 4.64 seconds and u got lucky cuz calculating the normal time was 5:12 seconds ! gg genious clip

  15. uhh ur toxic in descreption please dont say "ez" cuz u can embrass other players. anyways i just offscreened hacker with SV'98 with 8 scope

  16. The first person killed in the clip's message registered late.

  17. Hey Godak, i have 1 question for you and you have to answer it honestly. Well between flick(example:Serin,you,..)and Spin(ciel*,…) what is the better way for playing(1v1,scrim,etc).Pls answer me Thanks baby

  18. look at the 3 place person of how much damage they have done 1:04… tsktsktsktsk

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