NOOB vs PRO vs HACKER - | Desert Rain Mode Update -

NOOB vs PRO vs HACKER – | Desert Rain Mode Update

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  1. ts funny how u killed ihasyou and gamerio in a row i think all @t you tubers should do a combo in a 1v1 like if u agree oh and ill make a clan on disqord for all the pros

  2. Ive played with you if you remember my name is epicgamer101

  3. has anyone been killed by a dude named [b]ATR4L<IO

  4. I remeber teaming with you in squads once my user is ttvXDwilltabix

  5. I am [OP] Gamer I killed u with my friend [OK] GaMEr

  6. IHASYOU if ur reading this please can u do a face reveal 🙁

  7. Great vids 👍🏼 my name on surviv is Shadakado

  8. Yeah you don’t need hacks, cause your already good enough to win iHASYOU

  9. hey iHASYOU i saw a guy who was saying he was you in the game tankionline goes by name as botiHASYOU you know him pls tell me if its you or not

  10. iHASYOU i have squadded with someone that has ur name. I went by Nooblet, do u remember me??? or was it a fan

  11. Ευστρατιος Κοντοθανασης says:

    There were 38 drops

  12. hey bro i have play with you in sqwad my name is Lueequie_YT

  13. Eeeeeeerm even I know that U don't have to use 2 same weapons. Cuz U can take smth else and 99% that it will be better.

  14. Where's the noob who kills himself by reflecting bullets off a container wall? Or kills himself with his own mine or holds onto a grenade too long? Or tries to loot a barrel?


  16. Who else thinks that its so annoying to get killed by hackers?

  17. VERY GOOD 😍😍😍😍😍😍🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  18. BEAUTY SHOW 4K | Every Woman Is Beautiful says:

    38air drops!😂

  19. 8:46 doesnt say that you are spectatng sommeone but this bug was so cool

  20. Good vid bro! Just one thing the noob one was funny but not really accurate. Other than that I liked it!

  21. 9:45 that's what happen when you have endless perk and having dual flare gun xD

  22. the fact is a noob wouldnt know that was a door lol

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