NOOB vs PRO vs MASTER - Potato Mode Battle Royale -

NOOB vs PRO vs MASTER – Potato Mode Battle Royale

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  1. The master one was recorded so long ago it didn't even have the kill leader thing

  2. I haven’t played since 2019 and I used to watch you all the time, thanks for the nostalgia

  3. IHY i am question for you where is mr bloodi its your old surviver video

  4. Yo I haven’t watched u since u had 50k subs your on the grind keep it ip

  5. Saw you under the comments never expected it lmao

  6. Me acuerdo cuando siempre entraban 100 jugadores y ahora apenas 20 a 10 v':

  7. M79 actually can't be swapped in potato, the grenade it shoots actually counts as a grenade (yes grenade damage quest too)! The noob is pretty relatable but the first time I play I was like huh? ok I guess I break these potatoes and get random melee and then I got bored of everyone killing me with op guns (I never thought of breaking a potato with a gun to swap)…

  8. Yes, noobs are lucky, but they don't take advantage of that!

  9. Amazing video also its funny the m79 is good but can also kill you

  10. very funny great way to help study for science test

  11. My friend just started playing, and today he got the M79 and killed himself, I called him an idiot and he punched me 😂

  12. i played with you like 5 times and you were not a pro, like you got killed by someone who had NOTHING!!

  13. the start was one of the best lucky moments ever 😀 & 😉

    5 seconds later:

    Really lucky…

  14. 𝖭𝗂𝖼𝖾 𝗏𝗂𝖽𝖾𝗈!

  15. Lmao u r not pro and master if u spam, spam is for noobs like the first lvl. Have u ever seen any pro player spam, like g0dak, testy, shrimp, siper etc. (srry if i insult u, ihasyou, im a sub and fan, i dont say dis to like insult u or sth)

  16. More reused clips…
    Fun fact: if you shoot the M79 at a potato, the potato will give you free grenades instead of randomizing the M79.

  17. Noobs finding the M79 will ALWAYS blow themselves up.

  18. when you try to shoot someone with sniper and you acidentaly shoot a potato out of range and get ot-38

  19. Good God, you used to make okay content what happened man ?


  21. The first one was so funny!! Keep up the good work bro! 🙂

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