Official SURVIV.IO Gameplay Trailer -

Official SURVIV.IO Gameplay Trailer

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Enjoy this insane 21 kill highlight reel from one of our lead developers. This game was played on the all-new 0.1.0 patch, featuring SOUND!


  1. This game sparks so much nostalgia… I went to the fandom and listened to weapon sounds for half an hour straight, no kidding. Possibly my favourite game of all time. The way it has evolved is amazing. The way that kongregade has killed it is not. Please, we miss updates, story, uniqueness compared to other battle royale games. All of the lore set it apart a mile from the rest. Now we are left with what we have. Possibly forever.
    This game has so much potential. Please do not kill it, kong.

  2. я не люблю режим кобальтовый и 50 на 50

  3. Old have 1 sniper, you can't swap weapons 2 times and shoot, and can get a hand

  4. me gusta el trailer 🙂 gracias te ganastes un buen like amigo

  5. разработчики зделайте пожалуйста настройки графики по больше! developers please make graphics settings for more!

  6. Wow this is so old looking at this then season 4. :O wow

  7. This is killin my ocd. They didn’t reload their m870 so they could collect more ammo

  8. back in the day when all the guns looked like the mosin

  9. It’s easy to kill someone but now.

    Someguys does quickswitch+ overclocking in 1 sec

    Monsterity is alive.

  10. we miss justin and nick 🙁 the game HAS gone bad now :(.

  11. Please give 1000 free golden potatoes as Christmas gift
    Also missing inferno event

  12. There is a very big problem, and that is that my account appears and disappears, and this happened to many more people, a while ago I entered a game with only players without an account, and I want to know if I am banned or what happens, please verify

  13. lo jugue es increible el juego enserio se lusieron

  14. Лучшая игра играю почти с ревиза

  15. Easy getting kills in those time but now it’s HARD to.

  16. I remember watching my dad play this game

  17. Hey guys! I don’t know if this video was made by the original developer (Nick Clark and Justin Kim) or Kongregate but I just really want to say that the game has changed a lot. I started playing on mobile and still play on mobile. I remember the times where if you got a kill you would feel like you could get on the leaderboards and become widely famous. But now, everything has changed. The new developers don’t even care anymore. The only thing they add is an expensive pass every season and new skins just to waste money. The old game, I loved it so much. It was by far the best io game and one of my favorite games in general, but now that I have to spend all this money, it just doesn’t make sense. The developers waste time on improving payment systems when what we really want is improvement to the game. We don’t want hackers, we don’t want bugs and most of all lag. On mobile it’s even worse because you put ads all over the screen and the essential buttons are inaccessible. Change the hud or at least move the ads, thank you. Anyways I love this game and I will always love it, I’m just asking for improvement.

  18. ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░

  19. the best thing about surviv before is that the armor had beautiful durabilityç

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