*OFFICIAL* The END of Surviv.io 💔🥺 - glimmergame.com

*OFFICIAL* The END of Surviv.io 💔🥺

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Hello everyone!
It officially got announced that surviv is gonna be deleted in a the near future and there are never gonna be any changes 💔
R.I.P Surviv.io

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*OFFICIAL* The END of Surviv.io 💔🥺

Video Made by L0r0s
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Timestamps: useless for this Video ik

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  1. ❤ Yea Thanks again for all the Support over the Years! ❤It is sad to see that it is going to be over soon, but…- Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.Comment down below what you wanna see now on my channel! ❤

  2. Yes it will be missed 😞 I hope it's never forgotten…

  3. I'd make content on some bigger games, who knows you might end up like Duckio with 1m subs on minecraft videos.

  4. better to have loved and lost then to have never loved- or whatever the saying is. Rest in peace Surviv. Our memory of the game has not been tarnished- rather- immortalised. It lives on as an example of how much potential a small game can have- and how easy it is to ruin things. Don't try and resurrect it with shitty knockoffs. Let the game finally have its well-earned rest. Thanks for the memories.

  5. Battle Dudes – 2D Multiplayer Battle Shooter

  6. Yo im a former pro surviv player who has thousands of hours in the game and it is trully saddening…. lmk if you want to run some games before the demise of one of my favourite games that I have so much skill in. quick swap had become second nature… I just want to have the 80 platyer lobbys where I would drop 30 kills again man

  7. Surviv will be missed… I've been playing since 2018, loved it… I wonder if the devs will actually let us slide and still play, or else idk what I'll be doing in my spare time…

  8. RIP remember this was the first io game I played

  9. lmfao. Atleast give the game back to the people who owned it before Kong, this is so lame. Rip surviv

  10. It will never go :c wow 5 years of playing. Thanks everyone.

  11. It was inevitable at this point. The sad thing is that it took them so long to do this, and how we have to see it die a slow and painful death of old age instead of killing it sooner.

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