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Old Surviv.io Desert Rain Games

MR. Shark Studios
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You guys have probably guessed by now that Desert Rain is my favorite Surviv.io mode. So basically, I don’t have anywhere to advertise Surviv.io videos, and since Discord advertisements is where I get most of my views, the videos don’t get a whole lot of views. Thus, I don’t upload Surviv.io too much, but I record it sometimes (usually Desert Rain because the fights are good). Because of that, I have some old videos I haven’t uploaded, so I made them into another little Desert Rain compilation video.

DB Productions:

1. Carmel Shades – Silent Partner
2. All My Shuffling – Silent Partner
3. New Toys – Silent Partner
4. World War Blues – The Mini Vandals

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  1. Take a shot every time I get a kill and remain sober -.- Ggs though lol.

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