Opening Hydra Crates until I get a Legendary Item | surviv io -

Opening Hydra Crates until I get a Legendary Item | surviv io

sv-98 gaming
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  1. i get the legendary item in the third spin <3

  2. I got a bayonet woodland first try on a hydra crate lmao

  3. i usually keep everything from season 1 battle pass instead of selling it.

  4. I open my first parma crate and i got bayonet woodland

  5. I have two of these lengendaries somehow xD

  6. Put Ahboonahputeddy in your video! He is a friend of mine!!! He's also pretty darn good.


  8. I’ve gotten a legendary from a normal crate and a hydra crate xd

  9. you know… i got legend in the parma crate… lol

  10. I m: 1 attempt and common box and i have now dis knife(real no joke)
    Sv 98 gamin: ._.

  11. I got the legendary from a regular Parma crate XD

  12. I was so close to a legendary item once, I was 1 off

  13. I was surprised when he sold the fowl facade

  14. Sv gaming: opens lot of boxes
    Me:opens a random box opens the legendary

  15. Once I had touched the legendary…. Legend….. Only…. I don't know what that xd rarity is called, but I touch the first fence I open… Stop fake, right, well I think I had my lucky suit and it came out, then the bad luck came back…. I had sold the east thing of the suriken… I think it's written like this, but well and I played on a bad computer and it took me a lot to get the effect of the suriken xd, but now I play on tablet and improve a lot I almost go level 30 I think I'm at level 22….
    (Postscript:I realize abias got the suriken, how bad luck I have I get some rarity legend, but I still think it's good luck I don't know because one side of mine is against and the other is not, but well I touch the weirdest and end point xd)

  16. imagine if you were about to click the hydra crate except you accidentally clicked the parma one and the legendary first try

  17. You open 20 Hydra crate.Get Legendary Me Open 1Basic crate Get Legendary item

  18. This is nearly impossible but you have 1% chance

  19. i remember getting the woodland bayonet when i was a noob and then selling it

  20. I got the legendary knife on the first spin with the parma crate box :/

  21. wow i like intro pls no new intro in videos xD

  22. yo if you didnt see i was in the same match i saw your name on the kill leader thing!!!🛡🛡🛡🛡🛡🛡🛡📜☮☮

  23. how do you get the emote pic on your profile stats

  24. Whats the point on opening crates if we cant hear your reaction?, dislike

  25. I literally got the bayonet knife first try not try brag….

  26. you used legendary card pcture from clash royale??

  27. You poor thing I would like to sponsor the next episode/ part 2?

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