OVER 188,000 KILLS! Is THIS the BEST Chapter for KILL FARMING in Survivor.io? - glimmergame.com

OVER 188,000 KILLS! Is THIS the BEST Chapter for KILL FARMING in Survivor.io?

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Join me as I dive deep into Chapter 1 of Survivor.io, wielding the formidable Kunai and the Sword of Disorder! Can these weapons help me reach OVER 188,000 KILLS? Let’s find out if Chapter 1 truly is the BEST chapter for kill farming. Watch, enjoy, and let me know your thoughts below! ⚔️🔥 #Survivorio #KillFarming #Chapter1Challenge

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  1. Did they nerf all kill farming? I used to be able to get about 80k on chapter 4. Now I get 40k on the same setup. Also, I get the circle of death and full movement speed. I can run straight down from the start of the game and the circle kills everything. Yet I still only get 40-50k. I don’t get it

  2. I only rech max 70-80k. What is wrong?

  3. Hi

    Mr.Phasecast, can you please give me a quick tip on how to beat the 19th stella bridge boss, Pretty PLEASE i have been stuck on boss #19 all day

  4. Pin if you expect 1 epic rarity shotgun for 13 better’s 43 good’s and 34 normal’s
    I want the shotgun

  5. I just started 2 weeks ago 4chris20

  6. ima be honest u can farm kills without spending any energy on the basic challenges, i think the 3rd ones can give more kills im not sure.

  7. Looking for a clan with no minimum level requirement ? Join Purple Drank

  8. Bro i watch your videos I am from India cun you make video on new boss kill event please 🥺🥺

  9. Can you make a guide on the best character and skills to use during anniversary celebration: final battles??

  10. Hey phasecast what af level is your shiny wrist guards as I heard they need to b af3 to b able to get 188k

  11. I think we need a Gem Spender tier list showing the different levels of whale

  12. Question, how did you get the one ton weights to spin like that?

  13. Hey phasecast how would I get more kills in stage four , just by standing afk or moving in one direction? I just wanted to ask which one I should do more and what do you do for your matches , do you move or stay afk

  14. Hi. Aside from the drone, what ATK tech part can you recommend?

  15. Start doing the challenges. I got 180k from chapter 4 eternal darkness

  16. How do you get 170k+ kills on level 4? Iv gotten 158k twice but average 130k

  17. Where is chapter 89 video bro plz share with me . I want to clear this level but i don't plz share with me kindly

  18. I can never get more than 125k kills on level 4. I guess I'm using the wrong equipment

  19. Farming on chapter 4 with sharkmaw and pet croaky. Croaky will go for 200% kills

  20. Is the bio fuel considered exp on the scroll ??

  21. for this that chaos piece would probably work (which revives enemy after kill or kills another)

  22. In 1st chapters I mele 167.000 kills with shining gloves and minigun just evolve minigun an just spinning around

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