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  1. Сергей Сердобольский says:

    close yolo combo

  2. My laptop's left-click button stopped working…meaning that I cannot play😭😭😭😭

  3. k now this is stupid you JUST NOW REALIZED that pan reflects bullets now i'm triggered

  4. ot is not crap it is long range

  5. At the begging the bullet bounced off the big barrel thing not the pan

  6. en people: 49 thousand eh ..
    cz / sk people: 723 thousand + the biggest view on the cz / sk scene of OMG

  7. Pls try True pacifict chellenge – 0kills 0dmg taken 0 dmg dealt (my record 0 kils 0 dmg dealt 58 dmg taken)

  8. I have used the pan but my screen froze so sadly bidding get to try it

  9. ya me cansé pelotudo ? no lootea sos noob tenías dos degle y no tenes escopeta mala ay una buena y noo dos malísimo

  10. why does baxtrix say "minigun" when its just a LMG

  11. RPG would be too op for many glitches would be created and make many players rage probably + RPG would maybe take 1 min to reload not like most guns.

  12. The OT is good enough to be in air drops

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