PLAYING AS LIEUTENANT in 50v50!.. // -


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  1. I’m so unlucky. I never get to be the captain or the new role. All the AFK players will always be the captain. :^(

  2. Y do AFK players become captains? Its stupid. I mean come on!!!

  3. Also in my first try I got the rank of lieutenant!!

  4. If like button is gray your gay

  5. Hi Baxtrix, i'm Chris but you can call me Mike Hawk as my username of is. I want to play with surviv with you and some of my friends. Please answer me and say yes

  6. the best thing in my opinion for the lieutenant is the m870 gets 10 shots the awm-s gets 7 but i have not tried the m249 to be honest it probably stayed the same

  7. Ahhhhh he's soooo funny i love his video

  8. I win with USAS 12 1 vs 10 USAS 12 IS A G O D

  9. roses are red violets are blue he fianally didn't clickbait i don't know what to do

  10. Lieutenant having dual glocks is broken; 62 bullets per round, even more than having a MAC-10

  11. I got a 50v50 AirDrop to myself, I got the awms and the m249, they are amazing guns

  12. I got 19 kills for 50v50 without being chosen leader or new role.

  13. I want to be a lieutenant but I'm the leader twice and no lieutenant

  14. Bactrix I was the first one to tell u it's back

  15. Subbing to anyone who subs to me and replies. IM FAST

  16. its a general not a team captain this dude is so dumb

  17. Saiga-12 with lieutenant is the most powerful gun in the game

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