Playing as MEDIC in! -

Playing as MEDIC in!

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  1. I got 15 kills, 2238 damage with just the medic's bonesaw, at last I was 1 v 5, knocked out 3, but no place to hide so dead 🙁

  2. Do a g18 only challenge when a lutenent because they hold 62 BULLETS and if you decide to do this shout me out because I just made this up

  3. i played so many rounds yet and i didn't see you in game or lobby, wanna play ? ^^ My best 3 rounds 50v50 was 10,10 and 14 kills (Many Grenades ^^) I played 2x Medic, 3 General and 3 x Lt. and Medic is best, permanent adrenaline is best to survive and go with general ( and many followers)

  4. The last kill you should’ve used bone saw

  5. How is the mp better than the ask and the m4

  6. You should do right click when you are looting since it is faster

  7. In my opinion the medic is the best !!!
    Who else have same opinion ?

  8. when i played as a liutenant then i saw the leader right in front of me LITEARLY DROPPING THE FLARE GUN, HE DIDNT GIVE US THE DROP AND THE FLARE GUN AMMO TO FIRE IT!! 0/10 LEADER!!!!

  9. 6:15 or so (as the medic) the words taken out of context are so inappropriate. It made me laugh because i was listening to this while doing chores and i just hear that lol

  10. 1. I got medic 2 times in a row lol in South American servers u have better chance to get medic

  11. You know your the only person that plays and talks at the same time I like it

  12. AWM is 150 damage! and sv-98 is 60 damage!

  13. i know how to up your chances to be a medic or anything: choose a region with less players

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