POTATO CANNON WARS in SURVIV.IO! (Surviv.io Potato Mode Highlights) - glimmergame.com

POTATO CANNON WARS in SURVIV.IO! (Surviv.io Potato Mode Highlights)

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POTATO CANNON WARS in SURVIV.IO! (Surviv.io Potato Mode Highlights)

A bit late i know but i didn’t want the footage to go to waste or those that were part of the livestream to have missed out on the highlights.

Play the game:

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  1. you would get a lot of money if you could stream on twitch

  2. I want to inform you that there is a suspicious picture under a table on the ground floor of the club mabye is a little easter egg

  3. 5:17 I would pick the PKP Pecheng and pan + your potato cannon xd

  4. I will just leave the game :3 jk I would PICK double sv

  5. double SV-98 with 8x scoop is very overpowered

  6. wtf is this montage 😮 U ARE LEGEND DUDE

  7. IHASYOU i think i was in a game with you yesterday or it was a fake one but i thought it was you and i got super excited but if it really was you then just tell me, ill tell you what my name was but this was a good video😊😊

  8. I would’ve picked up the ammo there is so much ammo and you didn’t even have full ammo!

  9. You can see the amazing videos when you see them

    And this is one of them

    Great job editing and gameplay and music IHY

  10. You are a liget god not liar in your the best and acatra your a god

  11. Where is the Notification Squad where we need it?

  12. Can you win a solo squad only with weapons from World war 2

  13. I will pick up sv98 (bcs im pro at snipe) and groza s

  14. This is my favorite event, when you want to get a pan so that when someone has the cannon you can run up to them and use the pan to make the explosion of the potato do damage to them then you shoot them

  15. He chose

    A m249 overall pkp pecheneg

  16. Can a pan block a potato cannon shot pls answer

  17. Me: :OOOO
    My mom: :0000000000
    My lil sis: :3
    My bro: :o0o0o0o0o0OOoo0o0o0o0o0oo0
    My dad: :oooooooo

  18. Well from that loot I saw a PKP and a usas so ye 🙂

  19. I did not even care about the content I just loved the music 😏

  20. What surver do you play

  21. Can anyone draw my concept its a melee for potato mode and its a fryer it reflects bullets like a pan but bigger so it's easier to reflect bullets and also the awms is a french fry launcher and a gravy gun so then people get stuck for however long depending how much gravy u put in the same area and all the hands are potatoes.

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