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Potatoes mode is back !


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Track: NIVIRO – I Just Wanna [NCS Release]
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Syn Cole – Feel Good [NCS Release]

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  1. sadly, this potato mode only lasted for a few days.
    Now im sad

  2. Ваш Отчим / Check out my playlists. says:

    1:14 1 like = 1 respect for sad guy

  3. ông người việt à sao toàn sub cho người việt thế

  4. how u swith colour for that little button??? for control

  5. Ваш Отчим / Check out my playlists. says:

    777 Subs wow

  6. yo era el ultimo el de tu enemigo

  7. Hey can you sub to me and all the people that are watching to plz

  8. potatoes mode is back

    any player: hum interesting

    GAMERIO: ower ower ower ower uhhuuhhuuh

  9. 1:00 that person had a minigun you could of died a person was behind him you got lucky

  10. Super 90 is more versatile and can be used by mobile players like me

  11. Remember that your not a pro if you don't ignore the good loot that is standing iscolated in front of you. (The pan)

  12. Gamerio is true that you'll play a new map every time you go out? :v

  13. Say me if u have kill a guy with a potato and say Pro if you killed a pro with a potato

  14. I keep thinking ur crosshair is a incoming mine 😂

  15. me enseñas a jugar puedo ser tu dicipulo porf

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