Pro 4v4 Classic Mode (NS v TK) | -

Pro 4v4 Classic Mode (NS v TK) |

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In today’s video I have a 4v4 clanwar. It was a first to 5 points and to receive a point you must out live the other team. Please consider subscribing it really helps me out and I’m trying to reach 5 or 6k subs by the end of 2020.


► What do I use to record?
– OBS studios
► What do I use to edit?
– Adobe Premiere Pro
► What do I use for my thumbnails?
– Adobe Photoshop
► What’s my pc?
– Ryzen 7 3700
– Corsair vengeance 16GB 3400mhz
– 600W PSU
– Radeon RX580
► Who made the thumbnail?
– me


  1. Gg too bad we got good too late in the season tho

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