Quickswitch/No Slow in surviv.io like a Pro! (Easy Method) - Surviv.io Tutorial - glimmergame.com

Quickswitch/No Slow in surviv.io like a Pro! (Easy Method) – Surviv.io Tutorial

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  1. cool video bro subscribe me channel pls best friend❤❤

  2. Overclocking is easy, but i learned that of Siper :v

  3. getting kinda siper vibes but nice vid especially for beginers!

  4. Anyone who can desync or overclock comment here…

  5. i miss the premiered becuase i went to shoping and no disilke

  6. I know how to do both and I still watched the whole video just too see if I'm doing something different

  7. This is a great tutorial but dose it work the same way if you use equip last weapon as space?
    I set that so I could do overclocking as well I can overclock with melee only
    I cant wait for the desync tutorial 🙂

  8. if this vid was an year earlier, I could be better now
    I learned qs by myself, that's why Im bad at surviv😎😎

  9. damn bro, you deserve much more subs xD

    Ive been quickswitching/ocing with scroll xDDDDD

    space is ez but I'm already used to scroll so… ;-;

    scroll hella fast too tho ngl

    dm me for 1v1 eeeee: p3ng0#9745

  10. Congrats on 200 subs! Keep up the good work!

  11. Somehow I taught myself quickswitching, but I be pro tho 🙂

  12. Anybody can quick switch on computer, tell how to do on mobile😒

  13. btw if u use 1 gun, then u can just press spqace bar to move between fists and gun, but that wont work wih 2. I use 3 keybar for fists instead of E though, not really that difficult

  14. Really Really Really Really Really Really Useful!
    But can someone give me one more finger?

  15. u say to change the switch to the second gun key bind to the space key but… i have space key for the interact key bind XD

  16. Well I have been quickswitching with scroll wheel for a long time tho. This kinda seem like a handful to me ngl
    Still it's a good guide and I will try to take it into uses

  17. first of all equip other gun, im pretty sure that means that it is primary and secondary weapon only, which does not include melee. We can resort to using equip last weapon where u can still quick switch with melee and whatever gun slto u prefer

  18. bro i use Q for the other wepon and i qicksich like a pro

  19. pls make in portuguese to me undestand better PLS

  20. but mine is better when doing no slow, i do shoot then space (i changed to meele weapons with space) then Q its better! try it out!

  21. How to do quick switch by one sniper ?? Some 2d youtuber do this. They can very quick hit by one

  22. Thank you for this toturial. Me had this be help.

  23. it really helped me thanks for this tutorial

  24. there is no need to press space bar to quickswitch xD

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