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Ranking ALL Surviv.io GAME MODES and EVENTS

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Let’s take a trip down the old surviv.io memory lane as I rank all the surviv.io game modes right from the start!
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  1. J’aime beaucoup cette vidéo je suis français

  2. THE LASR GUNS WERE A HORROR SHOW OF AN UPDATE!!! The only way to defeat then reliably is to get close, but THE FRICKIN PULSEBOXES! >:(

  3. Now a days I'm not getting surviv io in Google 😞😞

  4. The minigun was added with the valentines update

  5. i think i played with you just right now is your username ihasyou savage

  6. IHASYOU one of your fans invited me to ur discord can I play with you? My clan is never active

  7. I'm pretty sure the minigun was released in valentines. i also wanted to say, the only change to the list i would do is put savannah lower because of how much hackers there is.

  8. i liked the turkey event but the gun was bad


  10. Wait aim bots still a thing, havent seen any in the past week.

  11. i dont like the 50 vs 50 mode cause never chose

  12. OK

    Anyone else hates storm mode the most.too

  13. Notice how all the OG modes by nick and justin were top picks. Kongregades modes were recycled a lot, and wavered a lot between high and low.

  14. I feel like the weather/storm mode could be very fun if it was more balanced. The way it looked was certainly good in my book.

  15. Who is watching this during quarantine 😀 stay safe

  16. 6:19 Not to be that guy but IMO 50 v 50 sucks. A 10 v 10 is fun the first 20 times but then the game gets boring unless u got a role

  17. Make a same video of ranking modes with inferno mode

  18. i think that now in surviv all the gamemodes (at least some of them) are in rotation. meaning that every day, there is a different gamemode available, and you can swap to classic incase you want to, which is extremely nice from the devs.

  19. My least favorite is shavanna ik you can get lots of snipers but it’s boring

  20. Also the mini gun was added after valentines

  21. i think mini gun was made on the valenytines update

  22. Savannah: I don’t really know, but I just don’t like it as much. Me: AIMBOTS!!!

  23. Ihasyou plz give me a chance to play with you on sinko de ammo mode

  24. The ufo mode i didnt know cuz i left surviv io and im now back…

  25. I cannot surviv without potato mode. FULL POTATO. cobalt is at good work devs for me

  26. (idea)50 vs 50 mixed with cobalt and you spawn in a line and leaders start in the middle (maybe take heavy kit out and change it for a new perk) you also start with guns

  27. what is the name of the song at the beginning of the video?

  28. potato mode is def my favorite its just the most fun getting from an m9 to an awm-s

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