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I ranked every gun in surviv.io (20th to 1st). I choose placements based on various stats (range, ammo type, DPS, firing rate, etc.) to come to my conclusions. For specific information on stats, visit the surviv.io wiki. Here is a link:

Guns in order: M9, Glock 18C, OT-38, Mac-10, MP5, UMP9, Mosin Nagant, M870, AK-47, FAMAS, M39 EMR, HK416, Vector, MK 12 SPR, MP220, DP-28, SCAR-H, Desert Eagle, M249, Saiga-12.

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  1. Mosin nagant? 14???? WHAT???? ITS BEST WEAPON IN THIS WORLD

  2. mac 10 and mp5 are so low
    and the dp28 is not that good, scar is like 2 1 place

  3. It fucking Surviv not survive plus this kid is shit at the game

  4. mosin nagant is way higher you just cant quickswitch

  5. lets be honest, number two and one is the double barrel and the mac 10. insanely op

  6. 1:18 "making it the WORST shotgun ever". Yeah sure M1100 weren't added then and none of the players knows how to quickswitch. Placing the Mosin before it even more controversial lmao

  7. Actually the ot-38 is the worst gun in the game and the strongest is the m-249 or the AWM-S

  8. Once i got m249 and vector and pan at the same time

  9. el de la ak soy yo yo estoy como samuel

  10. The saliva 12 was the best shotgun in the game until the autumn update came. The USAS-12, an explosive shotgun that uses 12 gauge ammo, and extremely great for close ranged combat. The downside is that these shells are explosive so that bounce off walls which would kill the player holding it.

  11. Mac 10 needs to be top 10, plus did you just put an UMP over the mac?

  12. You are not ranking them you are just telling information about them

  13. Awn s is far too low on this list, it is the best gun in the whole game!

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