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RARE LOOT off spawn in SURVIV.IO

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Technically like a battle of the bros PART II. First one’s me and the second one is SKRIMP’s. I made this to compare playstyles and show you what good loot off spawn can do.


  1. Old clip in first 26k,old m870 and no skins and kill leader

  2. Siper gets blessed by the Surviv gods ALL the time

  3. the second gameplay was from skrimp,so siper is skrimp,i think so

  4. Why you play in this game? In how time this videos screen?

  5. Most rarest things in surviv.io
    1.Dual SV-98 in golden container.
    2.Dual D-EAGLE in mansion.
    3.QBB-97 in house.
    4. M-79 in common wood crate.
    5. Vector in club crate.
    6.D-EAGLE in locker.
    7. SAIGA -12 IN common wood crate.
    8. Ghillie suit in house or container.
    9. DUAL P30L IN underground barn.

  6. I found M249 once on the place you found the QBB

    but I die in few seconds bc there are too much people

  7. Can you explain to be why surviv.io youtubers make it seem that the kids in the lobby are so bad but when we join a game they are all sweats??

  8. Still the GOAT!! Ive been subbed since like 2017!! Nice Job Man 🙂

  9. man why upload old content its a good vid but still
    ik u are moving on in your life from surviv but at least try and post relatively new content im happy your back tho:)

  10. Why do you post this I got SV-98 from bunker like lots of time also this video vas old

  11. I won with exact same combo!

  12. but i got the sv-98 from a person i shot

  13. hey, what recording software do you use Siper?

  14. Please 1v1 skrimp plz pls plz pls plz pls plz pls plz bro

  15. Thats nice to wach sometimes a daddy of that game shit 🙂

  16. Can anybody send me an invite on discord my name is bambikilla69

  17. You are so good at surviv!!!!!! keep posting vids :D!

  18. Just a dumb question but why do people break windows. Is there any strat or just for fun.

  19. where are you siper ? i miss you . you are legend

  20. Skrimp and siper I hope your doing ok! Also this was totally edited by skrimp lmao

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