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RARE LOOT off spawn in SURVIV.IO

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Technically like a battle of the bros PART II. First one’s me and the second one is SKRIMP’s. I made this to compare playstyles and show you what good loot off spawn can do.


  1. i miss this guy. just wanted to play surviv today and found out they closed all the servers. then i remembered there was a guy i really enjoyed watching his videos i check his channel and realize he quit too

  2. dude where are u:((( the game is about to be deleted:((((

  3. He came back but leaves with memories the surviv io game no the OG game that was played by him and other people like us will never be forgoten sadly this game died

  4. Please make one more final video as tribute to SUVIV.IO cause next week it will get deleted out of existence

  5. Make videos i lost you

  6. Thanks for making these awesome videos. I hope you are well.

  7. You aren’t first. I’m not first either.

  8. wait wait wait wtf i've seen this before on skrimps channel i think this has already been posted LOL

  9. Just today I found M249 in Conch Bunker. Almost won but hacker got me.

  10. Rip that second game you couldve gotten 2 more kills but your teammate took them

  11. That was a good ending lol good vid I love ur videos

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