REPORTING HACKERS! - *New Update!* -


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In this video, I go over everything new in v.1.1.0! The slightly changed home screen, Prestige points, reporting hackers, endorsing good players, and more!
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I forgot to add music, so I used random stuff from the YouTube audio library…
0:00 – 0:29 Intro
0:29 – 1:00 Everything new in the update!
1:00 – 4:37 First game.
4:37 – 6:46 Second game…Died to a hacker 🙁
6:46 – 7:26 My thoughts about the update.
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  1. Excuse me but how is this a good update? The report system is broken, normal lag isnt fixed, homescreen is still bad, literally nothing done except the discord thing but thats useless

  2. Man i think suriv io has less players 50 players per match

  3. Reporting hackers in Savannah mode gonna be ez

  4. seal ur underrated, ur such a pro 😀 (I forgot to say… POGSEAL)

  5. It's true, Reporting Hackers is good, though many toxic people will think you hack cuz u clap them, i had this as an example 2x. But Currently i have 4 Prestige Points, in anyways i would've 7 which is pretty sad.

  6. I reported to a hacker and they banned me but I already asked for help from surviv support

  7. They need more reports per day, I run out in 15 minutes

  8. POGSEAL!!! Hackers suck so bad. Epic tho, and very noice.

  9. People legit gave me -4 prestige points when I’m a fricking mobile player :/
    Might get banned anytime…

  10. The guy at 2:23 I’m pretty sure wasn’t hacking that didn’t look like aimbot

  11. This is what Kong should of added a longgggggggggg time ago

  12. yeah idk about this feature. I feel like salty kids will abuse this feature regardless

  13. You could already report hackers by DMing surviv modmail hacker stat link, their id, footage of hacks, and eventual notes. It was a slow procedure tho, it took 3 days to register the dm and idk if they are still reviewing the report…

  14. if they actually added a fucking working anticheat they wouldnt need to make THIS update but eh


  16. I think when you report somebody, YOU should lose a prestige point, and when they get evidence to find out they are hacking, you gain it back. Vice versa.

  17. yoo, nice vid btw. i have 7+ prestige points and one from a hacker i killed surprisingly lmao. Let's do a duo lol sometime. check out my yt channel too thx

  18. Guess what happened 0-0. I killed a hacker, and after that match, I had -1 prestige lmao. I also reported another hacker in the match

  19. Thats kinda useless, hackers are still able to play without account. The report update is rly not good, ppl will report random players.

  20. Wow seal you are reporting innocents! Don't report them because they're pro! (jkjk haha)

  21. People are just reporting me because I’m just a pro

  22. But There is A Problem
    There Are Hackers With guest Accounts so we Can't Do Anything Against Them 🙁

  23. 2:21 wow, i didnt even notice that guy was hacking! nice eyes dude

  24. I'll tell you the code for the saloon. Memorize this pattern. This pattern follows the colors of the rainbow

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    3. Yellow

    4. Green

    5. Blue

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  25. Forget reporting, it's useless. Hackers be hacking…

  26. 4 month after : pros get -12 reports cuz trash kids

  27. trash game for trash hackers every game is a cheater winning and devs just take money from selling coins and do nohthing. FRAUAD

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