REPORTING HACKERS! - *New Update!* -


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In this video, I go over everything new in v.1.1.0! The slightly changed home screen, Prestige points, reporting hackers, endorsing good players, and more!
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I forgot to add music, so I used random stuff from the YouTube audio library…
0:00 – 0:29 Intro
0:29 – 1:00 Everything new in the update!
1:00 – 4:37 First game.
4:37 – 6:46 Second game…Died to a hacker 🙁
6:46 – 7:26 My thoughts about the update.
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  1. Sorry about the weird music, I was rushing to get this video out fast, and forgot to add music, so I just added some from the YT audio library…

  2. Hi seal_4 I talked 2 you on discord like 2 days ago… 🙂 also nice video 😮

  3. Yes finally Kongregate does something about hackers!

  4. Can we do a collab? I was in your inferno stream and I was GAMERIO and I revived you and your teamate.

  5. Imagine do a incredible kill like a hacker and got banned :O

  6. I don’t know any guns because I can’t play
    1.I can’t log in
    2.when I try to move I keep on moving in that direction for a while
    3.It is WAY to laggy
    4.I can’t shoot when I want to shoot
    5.I can’t drop pills/sodas /healing objects
    6. The play button usually just get out of the way so like it moves to a new area
    So those are the reason I can’t play 😭😭😭😡

  7. love this update and i can finally report the hackers, i have a list of hackers it will take 1 week to report all of them :/

  8. Excuse me but how is this a good update? The report system is broken, normal lag isnt fixed, homescreen is still bad, literally nothing done except the discord thing but thats useless

  9. Man i think suriv io has less players 50 players per match

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