Resurviv is dead... -

Resurviv is dead…

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    DAMN IT!!!!!!

  2. I used to play it everyday from 2021 – 2022 but now my memories are gone

  3. I was so sad to hear about this. It already had come such a long way😔

  4. FUCK KONGREGATE!!! Thanks to the devs for the fun resurviv experience! 👍😢

  5. guess we play battledudes from now on

  6. to get an email from stupid kongregate means that they just didnt want surviv anymore

  7. Does Open Survive have a link to the game? I don’t have discord

  8. Зашто еще и так грубо фикю зашто😢 видимо возрождения не будет

  9. It’s so sad, y’all put so much work in this. Will the new project look like surviv? Could you give a link to it? I’m interested to play even when the game isn’t complete yet. I don’t have discord.

  10. In one lobby i saw 38 players 😢. IT WAS GETTING POPULAR :((. I HATE KONGREGATE

  11. Yes thi sis sad, but we have bug with the time

  12. They said there was going to make a new one but idk when can anyone tell me?

  13. Fuck Kong. First they buy one of the most popular io games ever and come out with terrible updates and eventually shut it down then when someone tries to make a remake they send and email to make them take it down. This how much of a money hungry shitty company they are.

  14. Zombs royale is so much better your welcome 😀

  15. Im play this game 2 year ago.That short time but i fell so good .But now all is gone;-;.F

  16. kongregate cant even see us happy🤦‍♂️ what a bummer

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