RIP | Where it all went wrong -

RIP | Where it all went wrong

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I think the title says it all…this video started as a mine trolling video and a bit of fun but i’ve had enough. This needs to be sorted out.

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  1. I miss finding out about this game in 2017 out of sheer boredom and falling into the rabbit hole of just playing for hours and then getting friends and having awesome and fun times with them. For a while, I thought that I found a cool little game to enjoy until I realized it was not becoming fun anymore due to hackers and stuff. Every good thing must come to an end. It was fun while it lasted.

  2. Remember playing games is for fun not money and hack.

  3. i do think that solo is solo BUT you guys dont need to be so angry about teaming sometimes I have been KILLED by a few teamers too and I teamed to prevent the teamers from killing me. Teaming is just a face of humanity. They will utterly backstab in the end of the round so you should NOT be angry. However there are just some very good teamers that watch you after they died. io. games=just humanity.

  4. I started playing right before they added dual wields

  5. IHASYOU I want to play with you bu tI don't have permission to chat in your discord 😭😡☹️

  6. I think of the hackers as another challenge:-)

  7. Solo=Solo Teaming is for NOOBS Nice vid BTW!

  8. I am watching this right after winning a game of solos

  9. there's prestige points now! You can report aimbots 🙂

  10. SOLO = SOLO, whats wrong with those people huh??!! iHASYOU comes and they JUST try and get him. WHY can't they just focuse on the game rather than targeting only iHASYOU? that just ruins the fun.

  11. ihasyou, their is an update
    you can report the hackers

  12. solo = solo!!!!!!!
    I hate teamers, ruined a 18 kill game. 5v1 is hard for anyone.

  13. Solo=solo. 100% of teamers don't know what that means

  14. I teamed with ppl to so I don't die and then I backstab them.

  15. Answer: teamers and hackers or aimbots. This game doesnt give money so i am not sure why they hack.

  16. Sadge 😢 we will never experience the past again…

  17. Is it only me or is only few players playing on one game?

  18. Why is there no Halloween for surviv in 2020 😢

  19. kongkrate has an anti-cheat system but until today they still are not adding the anti-cheat system in, all we see is changelog about the seasons

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