Scrims VS Xeno| Pro -

Scrims VS Xeno| Pro

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we scrimmed against xeno the clan. I hope you guys enjoy this epic pro scrims from today, I have more clips if this gets good feedback from a few days ago if all goes well. have a great night
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  1. 2:44 , not a headshot, just 2 shotgun shots. May I ask how did vodka take no damage from the stove at 10:07? not really crucial but like wtf

  2. Hey whale, I don’t have discord, but if you could respond I would like to do a 1v1 against you or someone else pls

  3. I played like garbage in these lmao. Still fun tho ggs.

  4. Yeah, i started spectating one of the rounds cuz i happened to be in the same game, but then my computer crashed 🙁

  5. What is that hit point thingy Great video

  6. can i get the link of the beat at the begening

  7. Idk why the Xeno clan toxic to me😭😭😭😭😭

  8. 1:49 Sv bullet hit Mercu but also went through him? I thought that only happened in solos where theres no knocks

  9. Could be hacking, look top right there are 2 Tampermonkey script's running.

  10. GG
    btw. hey bro how do you do to have so many fps?

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