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  1. lol like if p30l is better than deagle comment if deagle is better than the p30l

  2. He miised a grosa in the ver y first part😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Somehow i got a groza every single game

  4. Somehow i got a groza every single game

  5. Who just relized baxtrix has a different channel but speaks a different language

  6. bro i always find that bunker i wish you find that bunker by your self

  7. dude there is 2 new weapons the groza and the groza-s

  8. Baxtrix there’s two different grozas, the groza and the groza-S

  9. The new hammer breaks the eye crate, which is marked by a small black dot on the map.

  10. clickbait as always with the thumbnail and name of vudeo

  11. If you take the doble ot38 you see in the 10 best players and you can see win the match

  12. BTW At the club there is a shack if you go behind it and into the bush there is a audio recording of the person on the island

  13. OMG your are the best survivio player! I hope I can be as good as you someday!!!!11!!

  14. your channel is sooooo good. i love all of your brawl stars and viedos. I saw you on brawl stars a couple weeks ago

  15. Your worst than me and I just started yesterday

  16. cool me kill 21 tue code machete 1342

  17. cube black destroid ======[]

  18. Ugh, im getting sick of people saying stuff like “did you know there r 2 new guns?!?!”

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