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  1. I kill one guy with snowball if he doesnt have nothing.The snowball do damage

  2. he walked right past one of the loot barrels

  3. Baxtrix there's a tree that's different than all the trees I drops a mousin and a 4x scope

  4. Why would it be secret. At least call it rare. Or special. Wtf is secret. Everyone knows about it. It was literally the main part of the update. (Except snowballs loll)

  5. at 7:10 you walked past the secret barrel if you break it it gives grenades (——-_______———)

  6. Hey stupid,the loots are not secret,can you kindly stop using the word ‘secret’ in the title if that’s not secret.

  7. Bro greg if you dont friend me in zombs, i will leak your code and you will have lag all day long with them friend requests

  8. is anyone not triggered by the way he says knife

  9. I like the content, but really, you should stop editing too much. I liked it better when we got full games. 🙁 Luv dem vids tho.

  10. I have see a christmas tree have a desert eagle how can that be trust

  11. u best dude i love ur vids Happyy new year !!! 😀

  12. Please Baxtrix please play other games than io.Yes io games are cool,but you can play other games as well.

  13. OMG u have english account 😍omg i love IT bcs i love ENGLISH

  14. Hey,baxtrix did you ever play with me?My name is OuOI love your game play.

  15. It can be even better.
    I once found a DP-28 under the tree.
    First time I saw it.

  16. Baxrtix if you need any help I play solo squads with a 40% win rate and a 14+ kills per win

  17. I went to the IN-GAME files and I saw that they are gonna add frozen containers,new bunkers and more…

  18. You are a good aimer but you aren't the best looter XD i guess it is hard to loot while trying to make a vid XD, keep it up!

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