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  1. if i were you then i would punch knocked out players instead of using ammo cuz it's a waste and you can clearly just punch them to death.

  2. batrinx tanbie se puede con ataque aerio abrir eso mean

  3. this is funny, but I got exactly the same amount of kill in one of rounds 24 and 2 remain

  4. Bandage is already filling your life completely.

  5. U had 3 wordt op changes but u dit nothing with et

  6. Let's play together batricky 🙂
    My nick: "LuckyBobby"

  7. ты дурак блин ты делаеш монтажы

  8. U suk balls soi boi at this game it sad 😥😥

  9. Wdfh vognj ggg 🙁 bdadb dafdv no hd 👌 ok Муму.io

  10. Я адин здесь сидю сматрю топового Ютубера з Расиэ???

  11. Baxtrix: I know u guys want me to go double shotgun Me: no

  12. Biuytgfccjygh y Guadalupe 5conectados que realizaron las niñas el día de la

  13. Does anyone know the meme Vector do u know what time it is

  14. Sen bi malsın çünkü orda çekiç var almıyosun

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