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  1. I love you! Its funny to watch your vids✌👌
    Like it that He can see it😉👍

  2. Pin This Comment To Have One Chance For A PC

  3. Can you please do a vid on opening the greenhouse

  4. I love u baxtrix. whats ur real name? good vid. keep it up. I have a suggestion. do the chalenge wheel. (look it up)

  5. well there is 96 other players besides their team but they cant kill themselves so 96 / 24 = exactly 4

  6. Like of you think greg should play with fans

  7. I am mexicano and this player is so good

  8. There is also the new small bunker
    Edit:You Did
    Like if you know about it

  9. Yolo i got 9fre are drops 4 my self Baucus no 1 like them 4 some reason

  10. Go to my chan plz i play zombs royal i am pro 😋😍😍

  11. The loot in greenhouse is diffrent theres no more 15x scope now its just meteor crate same one u can find at that 50v50 place with statues

  12. "I won't do a double mosin". Me: fffffffffffffsfdfsffsdfsdfsdfffsdsfffffffffffff

  13. ranking up weapons
    best sniper= AWM
    best semi automatic sniper= m1 grand
    best assault rifle= AN-94
    best semi automatic shotgun= super 90
    best shotgun= double barllel shotgun
    best close range weapon= vector
    best pistol= Deagle, peace maker
    best granate= stobe
    best melee weapon= machete, catana, kiuri, pan
    best skin= victoryus red, victoryus blue,
    rarest skins currently in game= purple fade, ghillie suit, forest camo, desert ghillie
    mi favorite gun= super 90

  14. you suck at looting and your voice is annoying

  15. I need help with growing my discord server. Please contact me Jayesh#7020.

  16. Where is my drop 6:23 legit everyone when we call and airdrop and it isnt there yet

  17. if i were you then i would punch knocked out players instead of using ammo cuz it's a waste and you can clearly just punch them to death.

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