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I am SIPER the KING of SNIPING! Coming back with 26 kills!

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  1. wow you're so pro I subscribed
    also I love "smash this like button" thing it's so funny:D

  2. You kill only noob player) you pro)

  3. dragon ball z
    cell: you are monster boy
    siper: i know that

  4. me : noob

    my brother : pro

    ihavelocity : hacker

    siper : god

    When you kill 26 person i say : WTF HOW

  5. Dude ur a pro I only get like 12 kills with that combo

  6. Siper how do u keep your cool and aim accurately when u notice u above 20 kills? i always spin out of controll at around 20 kills and mess myself up

  7. Whalefish>Dopemope>Siper
    sry siper but you don't have enough skill as the others

  8. Me:Hmm i think i know why you are good at sniping because your name iS SIPER
    Siper: Good one
    Me; here 2:08

  9. Everbody gangsta till siper pull out the dual svs

  10. I like when siper try to spin and sniping like a pro but someone just stand there and doing nothing so siper just like killing noob

  11. Not enough people run into me for this to happen XD

  12. Me: Finds 2 SV-98s
    Gets killed by lucky noob with level 3 armor
    doesn't take a single SV-98

  13. When I sew your video I stayed with open mouth! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  14. Jojo Walde's Koi Empire (Home of Champions) says:

    can you pls teach me how to shoot properly i have no discord :/ (using M9)

  15. I would rather play this game than fortnite

  16. U killed me I came 1v1 with u.It happened in the match were u got 21 kills including me

  17. i wish was like you Siper my name is Siper Gaming YT im a big fan of you ur the best at that i know

  18. Your speed is good, but your aiming needs more work.

  19. Im using my dads phone but i have sipers skills i was in one of hos vids and i killed him gg boi🙂🙂

  20. 9:27 is that hacks I see?? Look at the twitching and the way he turned

  21. POGGGERRR i just got bayonet 1k potatos

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