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Can I win by staying in the red zone a whole game? Let’s see! Double SV-98 gameplay!



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  1. i never saw 2 at once this mf is getting 3 relly

  2. Although the editor good,music but your sub not very much
    Becase this game not very famous,and the hacker is than more nomal player 🙁

  3. do you have error 400 when you try to log in your account ?and wift xp ?or teams ?

  4. 🤮🤮🤮🤮gà gà gà gà🤮🤮🤮🤮

  5. Why can't I create a team. Although I successfully entered the account.

    When I click the button: "Create the command" it is loaded, and then says that it was not possible to create a command. Please tell me what to do?

  6. Gamerio I’m a big fan shout me out plssszzz

  7. For me it starts at 5 am and it’s 1 am rn welp I guess imma stay up 👍

  8. Gamerio be like "another 11 kills dis is so boring"

  9. Lmfao. Banal challenge, every single surviv yter did that. Probably would be better if u could do something new.

  10. What will happen if you stay in the red zone all the match? The last zone deals bonus damage…. So keep it up your work, GAMERIO❤

  11. So if you are not filtered into and thanks again for the same to the date of the same and thanks again for the same and thanks again for the same to the date of the same and thanks again

  12. Regards David David and thanks again for all of time to get the same and thank s named above or by email if we have to the day and I am not sure what the

  13. You could also do in one of your next videos, like that you do that against other players who can surviv the longest in the red zone

  14. I can guarantee there will be like 6 people teaming against him and he survives whilst having only like 1 grenade..

    (Edit: This comment was before the strem)

  15. Colles Video gamerio du bist mein Lieblings Spieler und loros ihr seit so 👍.

  16. 2:41 So you did my suggested challenge aswell. 🌝

    …or was it… 👁️

  17. Keep it up my friend the video is very cool 🤩❤

  18. This challenge is first time I see it,u are one pro player who do it this hard challenge,It was very special for this video.Nice to be 28k subs!!🔥🔥

  19. i remember when i use to do this challenge with my brother we would try and see who can take most damage.

    I think my most damage taken is 1000 and something

  20. Wow GAMERIO you’re so good at surviv io man nice job!!

  21. hi gamerio, i used this account to joined your discord ,but i cant login this account 🙁
    ,so u dont need to reply me,i think ur the best player on youtube. 😀

  22. It's an interesting challenge. Of course it will be easy for you.

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