SURROUNDED AND ALONE! Medieval Kingdoms 1212AD - Teutonic Order - Episode 1 -

SURROUNDED AND ALONE! Medieval Kingdoms 1212AD – Teutonic Order – Episode 1

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Today we take command of the Teutonic Order in this Medieval Kingdoms 1212AD mod let’s play. It is time to survive in the bitter harsh north surrounded by enemies who threaten our crusade!

0:00 – Intro
0:46 – Faction Overview
4:07 – Campaign Map
15:48 – Political Intrigue
16:24 – Campaign Map
21:42 – Political Intrigue
22:40 – Campaign Map
25:13 – The Fifth Crusade
29:55 – Crusade Cinematic
35:55 – Political Intrigue
36:25 – Campaign Map
39:29 – The Battle of Riga
49:48 – Campaign Map
51:17 – Political Intrigue
51:39 – Campaign Map
56:25 – Political Intrigue
57:23 – Campaign Map
57:53 – Political Intrigue
58:16 – Campaign Map
1:07:48 – The Battle of Vilnius
1:17:31 – Campaign Map

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About the Mod:
MK1212 Campaign Open Alpha:
It’s been over 5 years in the making across 2 games, but the Medieval Kingdoms 1212 campaign is finally available to all! Our Open Alpha phase starts today. The campaign as it stands is obviously in an incomplete state, missing technologies, naval units, and mercenaries, though we have plans to add much content in the near future. It currently includes 57 playable factions and various scripted mechanics, such as population and a pope system. The campaign release is also accompanied by a great deal of new content in the form of new factions and units, as well as revamped rosters for preexisting factions.

Campaign Features:

57 playable campaign factions.
Completely custom building chains.
Single region provinces, where every region on the map has 6 slots.
Over 4,000 beautifully modeled and period-accurate units (
Optional music mod.
Optional UI sound effect replacement mod
Three Tier Unit Upgrade System based on the three centuries this mod covers (13th, 14th, and 15th Century)
10 Building Slots per Settlement: No longer your cities be limited to 6 or 4 buildings.

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  1. Rise up men of the Teutonic Order! A tough fight is ahead of us today!and don't forget the algorithm demands sacrifices if you're enjoying the campaign!

  2. Das reich 'will burn em all' Polska not strong

  3. Hello friend. good game, and good battle too. just a few small suggestions if I may: first: if you can avoid war with Kiev right now: I suggest that you send your army back to the capital, and then attack the city of Pomerania from the sea, because the city of Pomerania is a big city with big population, and also it is of the same culture as your faction, so you won't need to convert it, and it will be an excellent staging ground for attacks against Kiev in the future (don't worry about Denmark joining Pomerania against you: they are relatively far away from your land). second: you can recruit axes infantries, and from level 2 forts: you can recruit elite axes infantries: axes infantries are not only very effective against most of other types of infantries, but they can also destroy city gates and barricades inside the cities in phenomenal speed, so it will be worth it and useful to have a couple of (elite) axes infantries in each one of your armies. third: I think it will be better to convert your capital to a walled city: walled cities gives the best growth possible and gives a lot of money from commerce, and don't worry about the religion conversion: it will be slowly fixed with time, and speaking of commerce: I think the best place to build a ''silver mine'' in the future will be your capital, since the ''silver mines'' gives a huge bonus to commerce, but you don't need to build more than one of these ''silver mines'', because they increase the corruption in all of your cities: converting your capital to a walled city, and building a ''tavern'' and a ''silver mine'' and a the additional market building in the city: that will make your capital a huge trade hub, and with the bonus that you get from commerce in the Teutonic order faction: that can give you a lot of money. and finally, good luck.

  4. Been looking for a campaign of this that isn’t four years old this is sick broski

  5. Wilco being that in-law that hates your guts but will never die

  6. Whats exactly happens when i play with HRE on 1212 ad or when i try to conquer some regions that forms HRE? What kind of bugs for example?

  7. We stand alone Grandmaster, but with God on our side, we will succeed! DEUS VULT!!

  8. New here, enjoyed the video and subscribed!

  9. Sicily would be the guys to fight a faction on the other side of the continent.

  10. Ramp "How did you live?"
    Wildo "Tis but a scratch"
    Ramp "I saw you get shot to hell with crossbows!"
    Wildo "It's just a flesh wound"

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