New Weapon - Lightchaser - New Weapon – Lightchaser

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00:00 Start
00:24 Lightchaser Level 2
01:54 Lightchaser Level 3
01:59 Lightchaser Level 4
03:06 Lightchaser Level 5
03:23 Eternal Light (Lightchaser Level 6)


  1. Bro how do you have so much good shit

  2. I just started and am in chapter four can I get some advice

  3. Any tips for chapter 2 i always die at the 15 min boss, he traps me in the corner everytime

  4. nice video but i dont like people who hack games

  5. How i can evolve a epic chestplate to a golden ?

  6. Hello so in order to better understand this, when i have my S-Armor(2) to upgrade it on yellow i need another S-Armor(2) ? If so do you then reccomend for me as a semi-free2play (only bought monthly card) to just try to grind for another S-Armor or to just push something else to yellow, also do you think Kunai should be my go to? Thanks 🙂

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