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Corrupt X
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Note: This does not include individual weapons. All but 3 weapons are categorised into a single category. The 3 that are not are either extremely rare or have special attributes outside of attacking.

Some of them I know I missed and some may have been repeated. I didn’t intend to repeat any if I have. However, I limited to 100 Ways to die (or at least 101) and no more, so I know I missed a few out.

If you feel like there is another way to die in that isn’t on the list (Lag isn’t on this list for example), feel free to comment below.

101 Ways to Die in

Free Song to use:
Ethan Meixsell – Takeoff (Track 1)
Ethan Meixsell – Rabid (Track 2)
Silent Partner – Give (Track 3)
Silent Partner – Bring it Back (Track 4)
Silent Partner – Fire Breather (Track 5)
Ethan Meixsell – Run (Track 6)
Ethan Meixsell – The Fiery Furnace (Track 7)


  1. Dude I've done some baited barrel kills. It's so fun.

  2. lol yo tengo canal de youtube amigos en español salu2

  3. MAC10 needs nerf, bad, it's way better than the 2 basic shotguns, and incinerates with 1/3 of the clip at close range!

  4. My team killed me when I was afk in the storm lol

  5. you have no idea how many times i have had 20 happen to me

  6. вы не поймёте что я тут на писал :))) AHAHAHAHAHHAAHHGAAHAHAHA I RASSHA

  7., the rather questionable individual. says:

    2:52 I love when that happens XD

  8. I've had a selfish team mate before. He found me while I was down and just spun around me and shot bullets everywhere waiting for me to die 🙁

  9. What about a draw, where you both die at the same time as the last 2

  10. You mean 100 ways to get kills and how to die

  11. Why would the text still be red at 21? I mean, I can read it but I have to look really close. Not hating btw ❤️

  12. Dude I wish I had recorded this one clip. I closed the door in a tunnel after we were both fighting for a bit. And we were both on each side of the door and we both finished ourselves off with our bullets due to the reflection.

  13. Best teams is DopeMope, Siper Gaming Tv, Duckio, Corrupt X

  14. we've all been crushed by the air drop at least once

  15. Fiz um tour completo pela ETEVI (Entendedores entenderão)

  16. Let's face it.

    #20 has happened to me too many times, because I was in a fistfight.

  17. Bruh I was just about to make one…2 late 4 me (btw nice vid, I didn't think of 100 XD so…much better than my idea)

  18. All of this stuff is so true and my favorite one was the "Pay Attention" because it fits me

  19. Ah…I am so unlucky that I always dies because of 47.Give me a like if this always happens to you! 🙂

  20. I was lucky with a Sega as well I was just playing a solo game the first house I looted it wasn't even a big fancy amazing house like the Mansion or the bank it was literally one of those houses at the end of the game you really don't care about has already been looted when know I opened one of the crates or drawers inside of it and it had a red outfit and then a Sega what were the chances leaving the comments below

  21. Number 70 is me all the time. Like my enemies won't die… all take in 12 mags I take 5 bullets and I'm dead.

  22. Noob is selfdestruction master xD like if you aggre whit me

  23. 3:46 Dang, happens to me ALL THE TIME!!! I usually just quit and join a different server lol

  24. last time on i baited myself and another player in a 1v1 battle and how did I bait me and my enemy? well we shot at each other and 1 of us blew up a barrel

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