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Note: This does not include individual weapons. All but 3 weapons are categorised into a single category. The 3 that are not are either extremely rare or have special attributes outside of attacking.

Some of them I know I missed and some may have been repeated. I didn’t intend to repeat any if I have. However, I limited to 100 Ways to die (or at least 101) and no more, so I know I missed a few out.

If you feel like there is another way to die in that isn’t on the list (Lag isn’t on this list for example), feel free to comment below.

101 Ways to Die in

Free Song to use:
Ethan Meixsell – Takeoff (Track 1)
Ethan Meixsell – Rabid (Track 2)
Silent Partner – Give (Track 3)
Silent Partner – Bring it Back (Track 4)
Silent Partner – Fire Breather (Track 5)
Ethan Meixsell – Run (Track 6)
Ethan Meixsell – The Fiery Furnace (Track 7)


  1. i win more solos than duos and squads because my teamates mess me up 75% of the time, i almost won 3 solos in a row but got caught in a cross fire

  2. please do a worst setup challenge part 2

  3. Of there was 101 ways to die than why is this. Vid named 100 ways to die

  4. I died of more times.I died of 101 times of diference :)))

  5. 2 days ago i found BOTH the saiga 12 and sv-98 and boyyyy its a good combo lol

  6. I think your favorite weapon is a…
    … grenade . xD

  7. it's clikerbait!! this is 101 ways to die!!, x), good vid bro

  8. I was so triggered when you left the golden air drop.

  9. Yup, this is why I am subscribed to Corrupt x. Love the originality and humor <3

  10. My heart skipped a beat when you died from a bush camper while having a M249

  11. Challenge for you: daggers with boost pad

  12. Some people just don't die they have like lvl 1 armor u all lvl 3 doesn't die but u do nani!?

  13. 29. When you expect a big update but they just nerfed the OT

  14. Killed some one who was punching me while I was looking on the map I was trying to close it but shot two times when I got out of the map I saw that I got a kill lel

  15. You know… for me… EVERY game i’ve every played, I lagged.

  16. Boi there is no such thing as a headshot. Helmet does nothing.

  17. you are a great player but the odds just stack up against you.

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