1v1 Arena Line Custom Gamemode!! Crazy Custom Gamemodes And Twitch Server Fun! - 1v1 Arena Line Custom Gamemode!! Crazy Custom Gamemodes And Twitch Server Fun!

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Today I show some crazy stuff I did on the twitch server. Enjoy!

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Laszlo – Fall To Light [NCS Release]

NIVIRO – The Apocalypse [NCS Release]

FEWZ – Embers To Dust

JJD – Riant


  1. who is an O.G in surviv by that i mean who played when there was no water around the map

  2. nice vid, keep up the amazing work. i quit surviv last week, but i still love to watch you

  3. did y'all know AW in AWM stands for "Artic Warfare"

  4. Hey, DopeMope it's me gioplayz you never met me but I heard that you helped out giraffeYT and I just wanna know if you can help me and what I am missing in my YT channel, your vids really inspired me to make more!!

  5. What is that Purple Outfit (Purple and White)

  6. i did not have a purpose in this stream 🙁

  7. Next you should do: everyone in the storm or hydra bunker

  8. how to create room i dun kno pls

  9. Hey dude I've played with you before we got a coupe wins I was Ace for a while and now my name is Trash.

  10. I didn't know you did youtube. So I hadn't subscribed before this you're a great player.

  11. Btw for juggernaut you should've been given a Pan so your not killed easily

  12. Can anyone tell me how they all got in the same solos server?
    (Sorry If I'm Being Dumb I Just Want to play with me Friends)

  13. surviv io super game mane name is stas

  14. amazing game surviv io TOP1
    TOP1 game surviv io

  15. I feel like everybody targeted you in the final battles.

  16. guys yesterday i got awm-s today i got duel desert eagles and an m249


  17. Hey dopemope, how did u get onto that "private" server?

  18. Did you guys do one in the winter update because I was a random person and there were like 11 other people and i won the match when everyone started shooting each other. It was the craziest thing I had seen.

  19. I am getting really good at rifle+sniper, didn't know it could be so fun!

  20. Make a loot LAKE 🙂 or fill up the mansion with loot

  21. I hear you when you say too many random kids but I would never do that I also hate it when other guys screw it up

  22. 0:41. The guy who died in the middle left of the circle is VERY on sync with the music

  23. omg sick, btw what is the discord and twitch??
    cuz i would love to do this

  24. sees start of the video

    wants to open the twitch server

  25. Dopemope are you going to do a livestream every day of the christmas break like you did today?

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