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Corrupt X
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This is a random video I decided to put together as there are different types of players in (or any game, to be fair). I may have missed some types of players, but I believe I included most of them in this list.

Note: Some clips may have been reused from older videos.

Ethan Meixsell – Start Your Engines (Track 1)
Ethan Meixsell – By the Sword (Track 2)
Silent Partner – Give (Track 3)
Silent Partner – Cut It (Track 4)
Ethan Meixsell – The Coming Storm (Track 5)
Everet Almond – Next Funk (Track 6)
Silent Partner – Tied Up (Track 7)
Ethan Meixsell – Thor’s Hammer (Track 8)


  1. Let's do a review! Totally not from Chomperman's comment lololololol~"The Lucky"No kidding, I mean, it's more like "The Developer Loves The Hell Out Of You" but hey, it's just my 2 cents."The Troll"sigh Where do I begin…plz insert the number of times I got rekt by the magical bush people"The Camper"Make sure you got a good tent and a nice fire going to get those fine roasted marshmallows there, chap. (_lol British accent reference get it :P_)"The Pro/Elite"Oh, sorry, you are misunderstood, you got the wrong title, fellow potato!It's this : "The Pro/Elite" The Potato God / X (take the hint)"The Noob /Rookie"… Impossible!"The Barrel Expert"What are you? Some kind of barrel expert? "Ah yes, that's some fine wood that precious barrel it is made out of, good refrigeration and destruction" I mean like, who does that?Not being rude like who does that to potatoes |:L"The Idiot"I swear it's a brain tumor it's imposs- Impossible Quote Sequel Coming to you in the Theaters July 4th 2018"The Unaware"I'm unaware about my lack of reputation and dignity… Fu-Ocean Corrupt O has been removed from YouTube permanently"The Grenadier"You know, I do like my face, I sure did not wish my face was literally hit by metal then blown up, I sure do like that Corrupt."The Door Master"Copy and pastes Chomperman's comment lol"The Arrogant"…Insert the comment that was posted by Sergio or someone that said ARROWgant lol"The Unfortunate"When you try your best but you don't succeedk, no kidding, but that fortunate is now bloody ungrateful, that little piece of shi-Ocean is removed from the internet due to YouTube's new policies"The Inactive"Nah its fine… yawn I mean who could do such– A thi. Where ya culd jus let a game… yawn go awaaayyyy…."The Rambo"What is that? Rambo potato? Da heck? I'm tired of acting these god dam comments and having to know what this bloody shi-We are experiencing Technical Difficulties… We'll be right back!"The Fighter"Ryu? Is that you? Is my childhood StreetFighter here now?"The Chaser"I bet he could complete the Olympics and Marathon with that skill lul~"The Teaming Fool"Oh shoot the virus is still spreading even since the Diepian Age? Well shucks I better pack up."The Sniper"OVER 300 CONFIRM KILLS TRAINED USA AND BRITISH SOLDIER EQUIPPED WITH DESTRUCTIVE POTATOES DO NOT HARM OR PROVOKE"The Bank Robber" News A man reported in banks has been reported for multiple bank robberies and left no signs of potatoes. The man was seen wearing a mask with a Skull Sword and Wings that appear shining gold. If seen immediately take action to just run or die."The Carrier"Did Corrupt X become backpack? Wut? Give me answers, god."The Ragequitter"Impo-Imposssible The Trilogy Coming to the Theaters near you release date: July Potato year 40k

  2. 4:27: wait… SO thaat was joke i knowGod: Nope. No one kill me. I dead for sure (Sorry for my bad english, Bcs im russian)

  3. Just because you die doesnt mean you are a noob/rookie.

  4. Te faltó el que hace amigos en partida solo

  5. Y también le faltó el que consigue escuadra en solo

  6. lol the lucky is how I play in surviv when an decent enemy wants to kill me

  7. The camper is the cruelest. Like a fight but he got a walloping to you nuts first

  8. lol I'm the unfortunate, caused by too much rambo.

  9. 6:51 "Idiot" is killed by a hacker… not really an idiot, just unlucky

  10. i am the sniper and the and a new class the grenade man i killed 3 peoples with a mirv grenade

  11. Game ads be lik

    4:50 lvl 1 noob

    50000 potatos later….

    3:40 lvl 777777777777777777 pro

  12. Can we all Just Have a moment to respect how good he edits? I mean Good as ever can be!

  13. There is also the kind one where you open the big crates for other players

  14. เราเอง้งเศเว่น

  15. нуб🥴💩🟫🥉vs про😎🕶️👑🔫🗡️🪓⚔️🏹💡👍💪

  16. 10:16 after all these years I finally notice and get the joke, orange is the new black! 🤣😂

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