2vs2 LAST SURVIVR Epic End Battle! ( Giant Golden Airdrops & Funny Highlights) - 2vs2 LAST SURVIVR Epic End Battle! ( Giant Golden Airdrops & Funny Highlights)

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50 vs 50 is back on and this time you get not only 1 but 2 last survivr’s per team! This made some of the end battles a lot more interesting, especially in 1 round where it was 2 vs 2 to decide the outcome of the war!




All the music I use comes from Monstercat, NCS or the Audio Library.

Monstercat: …

NCS: …

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  1. And IHASYOU you forgot Notification squad where you at and l killed you before sorry 😐

  2. I always feel bad for the people who get knocked out from the airdrop and miss out

  3. pkp pecheng is Lmg not /mg machine gun or the lone survivor will change his first name to last survivor don’t get shot by a lone survivor

  4. First time i heard ur voice but it would be the first time for everyone if u show ur face … SO SHOW DAT FACE lmao 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. 4:55 you surived teh airdrops because tyour team(from the game) sent them

  6. I've an idea for new video on 50v50. Call on the anticheat mission your best fans, if they can connect. Name yours "clan" names: [Anticheat]IHY for example.

    Cya 🙂

  7. Yo tengo este videojuego y quisiera que me des algunos consejos

  8. U should say stuff not be quiet cause your voice is pretty cool

  9. Ihasyou says save a life.
    LITERALLY lets a guy die in front of him

  10. you survived because most of the strikes were your teamate

  11. How to use soda and don't click on it????

  12. Well Genek was a pro if he was a nub, he would have lost. No hate but just saying he was a pro ^^

  13. Ihasyou:how did i survive that?
    Me:there is your teammate trow that strobe

  14. IHASYOU: flares a air drop as red commander
    Airdrop: here we go!
    Everyone including IHASYOU: MINE MINE MINE MINE

  15. that showdown with the 1 revive was just TOOOOO damn good

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