2vs2 LAST SURVIVR Epic End Battle! ( Giant Golden Airdrops & Funny Highlights) - 2vs2 LAST SURVIVR Epic End Battle! ( Giant Golden Airdrops & Funny Highlights)

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50 vs 50 is back on and this time you get not only 1 but 2 last survivr’s per team! This made some of the end battles a lot more interesting, especially in 1 round where it was 2 vs 2 to decide the outcome of the war!




All the music I use comes from Monstercat, NCS or the Audio Library.

Monstercat: …

NCS: …

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  1. U were on my team and u used angry emote because l stole ur things

  2. The medic was knocked out and was too dumb to revive themselves

  3. frist game i play today i was no rank and i killed the medic the marksman and the lieuntement
    and one a game i WAS ON YOUR GAME COPLE OF TIMES <3

  4. gurl. THATS how i know the name…. I was I've seen this circle before… I'm Jiniu on surviv. nice playing with you bro.

  5. awww… I remember when it was just music and not voice, you've grown a bit

  6. Bro i play sirvivio and Luke People use different names of you and i vs you sometimes in games and you win or sometimes i win also May username in surviv is Only mobile pro because im actually goated on mobile so ya

  7. Ive never got Lone survivior because either im on the winning side or i die early

  8. You’ve killed me before multiple times, but I’m not mad, cuz I’m just saying, lol. I don’t really get mad when I lose or die, lol.

  9. Is it just me or should the marksman have a better perk.

  10. ở đây ko có ai là người Việt Nam hả?

  11. 👍👍🏻👍🏼👍🏽👍🏾👍🏿

  12. Do you remember me? Once we played a duet with you.

    P.S. My nickname is the same as the name of the channel.

  13. stop talking I want to watch the video

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