.45 Purple Vector In The Hidden Saloon Bunker! New Bunker/Town/Weapons Update! - .45 Purple Vector In The Hidden Saloon Bunker! New Bunker/Town/Weapons Update!

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My video showing everything in the new update! Enjoy!

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  1. yo mopey in the bunker at the very and of it there is a secret message. How bib you miss it?IT WAS RITE THERE!!! good video and yes, i like the piano. You are very good at playing it.

  2. Lol I was playing Surviv and I killed a person whose name was "rainbow code" I tried that and I got it Lol. Nice video as always btw.

  3. I like the Greg reference I'm a big fan of him

  4. I’m not gonna watch the video yet cuz I need to play it myself first….

    Still gonna like it tho cuz I know it’s gonna be beast video. (Edit) k watching it now!!

  5. Youre so good at snipers! Im terrible at them☹️☹️☹️

  6. hey those 2 circle tables have 2 hidden button destory them and get it

  7. dope i started this game trust me i had 12 kills and i won i would like to pay with u
    u pro btw

  8. Thanks for the code, btw your aim is trash xD

  9. how is the model bad everytime i play with model i get about 10+ kills

  10. DopeMope u r awesome, i love your videos. I make videos just like you, but i hope to grow as much and as far as you have. I love you bro.
    Im on my brothers acc rn so my real name is Hayden. If u wanted to check out my channel its called HaydenHACKS, it has the purple life hacks logo.

  11. What a legend, also, next to the bunker on the outside there is a white bush break that and use the recording

  12. Please don’t take this the wrong way, I just don’t think your skill level is high enough to be in TD to be honest

  13. You can also find it in the storm bunker. (The Vector)

  14. 5:33 lol my mind right now is 1.what a god 2. what noobs😂😂

  15. USE SPACE FOR YOUR INTERACT !! I don't get how I'm like the only one that uses space lol. Its so easy.

  16. There's a message in the bunker and a eye sign where the vector is placed

  17. Anyone else notice the eye bunker symbol under the vector/9mm in "New" Salloon bunker?

  18. like if you don't want to go to school and sit watch DopeMope

  19. What is the best m4a1 S or qbb or bar or m1 garand

  20. like if you noticed that the colors match the colors of the bullets

  21. like if you know what are the colors of the rainbow that wo

  22. disagree with you on Model 94. It is very powerful when used correctly. Def not near the worst guy. In my opinion, it is a little towards the top when used correctly.

  23. Last desert update I shot 13 flares… try beat me

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