48 kill squad POTATO WORLD RECORD!! | - 48 kill squad POTATO WORLD RECORD!! |

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In today’s video, a few of my friends and I got potato world record. Squads in potato does not come around often so it was fairly easy to get world record. The world record before this was 43, then we beat it by 48. The real problem with this mode is that other people will get OP guns really early into the game which makes it so easy for them to kill people. However, the next time this mode comes around we’ll try to get a 50!

Friends in this video: Isaacdaboss, Twisted, Cwis

Twisted POV:

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► What do I use to record?
– OBS studios
► What do I use to edit?
– Adobe Premiere Pro
► What’s my pc?
– Ryzen 7 3700x
– Corsair vengeance 16GB 3400mhz
– 600W PSU
– Radeon RX580
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– me
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– My discord is silverdotware#5693
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  1. Twisted: Screams
    Silver: Laughs because he knows its good content

  2. lol i was looking at leaderboard and i knew this would be a vid

  3. Silver: easily crushing yet another world record
    Me: Trying to get 5 kills.

  4. Damn, you got any tips for playing better?

  5. next vid should be twited/ cwis screaming compilation tbh

  6. can i know what keybinds u use cos im kinda new to and dont know which keybinds r good or bad

  7. Silver: Getting almost 2k subs
    Me: Trying to get 1 sub

  8. btw you can get more grenades by throwing them at potatoes

  9. i had 29 kills solo squad can you beat that, but im not a youtuber

  10. Bruhhhh! Those Skillsssssss, they are hurting my eyes!

  11. I can’t even win often lol. You kill me sometimes.

  12. Dam Imma pretty good player. U should let me play wit yall somtime 🙂

  13. Dam Imma pretty good player. U should let me play wit yall somtime 🙂

  14. yo imagine if you has sv-98 gaming plus iHASYOU and GAMERIO in your squad………..

    you guys would probably kill the entire map tho

  15. image cwis stayed alive… 50 definitely. ggs

  16. hey dude, which setting you use for obs studio

  17. Why is the most OP sniper must be replaced with the worst gun which is the OT38

  18. welp potato mode is officially the most craptastic mode in my life

  19. Potato mode it's my favorite mode. Potato mode is good…

  20. u should have at least 20k subs by now i am already subscribed from 3 accounts

  21. mom: son u need get the world record score or i will take ur pc and fire it sliverdotware: AIMING SKILLS

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