50 vs 50 *NEW* ROLES UPDATE! ( Mega Airdrops, Super Soldiers & Funny Highlights) - 50 vs 50 *NEW* ROLES UPDATE! ( Mega Airdrops, Super Soldiers & Funny Highlights)

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  2. Love the vids I wish I was in your games. <3

  3. iHASYOU, I think you should change your name to

  4. When you revived the leader, those other guys were waiting for him to bleed out so they could get his loot.😡
    I hate people who do that

  5. I play surviv with my friends all the time because of you and if you stop. Who is going to teach the world how to probably play surviv not all of the other lame surviv players.

  6. u can win without the leader, but not the medic

  7. wait so ur saying that u apreciate impostors?
    well my surviv name is IHASLAG

  8. I saw somone with the name IHASYOU but I dont now it was you it was 50 vs 50

  9. Oh no lone survivr is useless when 20 people gang up on you

  10. Omg je crois que j'ai déjà fait un "squad" avec toi!!! 😀
    (Mon nom est "Just me :)"

  11. hi ihasyou i am new to the channel i really like your videos

  12. surviv is now full of cheaters, they installed something so that their gun always points at you and that's really annoying. wish IHASYOU can make another surviv video and show them who's the boss lol. i really missed the insane kill moments you pulled IHASYOU.

  13. bro dont stop we all love your surviv vids

  14. and i played so much that my dad blocked it

  15. you are the only memories of surviv i have left

  16. Who likes red commander give like, who likes blue commander give dislike.

  17. NOOOOOOOB! you missed a lvl.3 pack with a LEVEL 1 pack at 3:32

  18. now the ammo goes with the gun in 50v50 airdrops 🙂

  19. you can actually get a flare gun from one of the inisitive crates

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