50 VS 50 WORLD RECORD (by paywax) - 50 VS 50 WORLD RECORD (by paywax)

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Hello guys, this insane Gameplay is not by me, its from Paywax so go check out hes Chanel

Paywax :
Thx to bl1tzz for making the thumbnail for me 🙂


  1. If some people write somthing like its not a world record, i mean the Kills guys 🙂

  2. Paywax insane af player.
    Breaks Silverdotware's record 2 times, first with a 31 then with a 34, 3 kills more.
    I bet he gets 40.

  3. paywax in the title kinda makes ppl click

  4. For real…
    if i find him in 50vs50 and he is my enemy
    me be like : ight imma head out

  5. I suggest playing on Mobile, its much harder to aim properly with snipers and I want to see how pros overcome this challenge

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