DESTROYING THE EYE with the STONE HAMMER!! ( Woods UPDATE & Stream Highlights) - DESTROYING THE EYE with the STONE HAMMER!! ( Woods UPDATE & Stream Highlights)

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As promised, here is the new STONE HAMMER on which can defeat the eye!

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  1. Start sharing with you’re teammates

  2. Anyone who could manage t get dual M9's and win in the fall update would get my permanent respect.

  3. I got the hammer and destroyed 2 eye boxes and gave me doubl AWM-S i picked up one AWM killed someone and got the M4A'S nad bring me a win with seven kills


  4. NEFFEX ❤❤❤❤❤ (is the musical group of the song at 7:45)

  5. I like the usas 12 . It's my favorite gun

  6. дибил што не взял рюкзак 2 уравня

  7. IHASYOU I played with you many times before

  8. The woods update are great but you cant see where are the enemies

  9. i has you its me princej the one that played with you

  10. roses are red violets are blue i liked the comment because i,m better than you

  11. Lol i've played with you a few times. Im Bobbery Joe.

    Also i sub

  12. ive found this youtube channel today and i was playing surviv/io and u killed me XD

  13. "you knocked out a penis" ahahhahahah did anyone els catch that

  14. Hahahahahahah🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 on the end

  15. Can iget shoutout? I really like your videos.

    MORE SURVIV!!!!!

  16. 12 gauge is red,
    762 is blue,

    Omae wa mou shindeu

  17. I LRL GOT THE MINI GUN IN 5 MINS LOL but i Die with the woods king ;-; 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 dud its funny eh comment yes or no

  18. 1st eye: peacemaker

    2nd eye: purple ammo

    Stonks (purple)

  19. Bruh I got in a same game with dis youtube Ron mobile in desert mode

  20. You Know Hachet Bunker Right? No? Dude There İs Fire Axe And Usas-12 or M249 Now You Know İ Found Stone Hammer İn Hachet Bunker There Was Not Fire Axe Over There İntersting But i cant find ANY EYE BOX!!!!!!!!

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