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The that many of us knew is dead. From its inception in late 2017 to around early 2020, for the most part was at the top of its game. Legitimately good gameplay and game lore to die for (in the eyes of some players).

Whilst the gameplay hasn’t changed much outside of new modes and new weapons, the players have; which does not give the best experience. It would not be surprising of hackers and script users are still abundant, despite Kongregate’s original plea to remove them from the game.

Whilst most games will pass their peak and never to return (.io games or otherwise, this is very natural), games like have had some of the most devastating downfalls to have ever happened.

Whilst events may boost the amount of players for some time, it does not fully reflect on the game itself. Events and special modes should not be relied on to fill even half of the server’s limit. Even separating islands (which is one way to “force” players to make an account) makes it twice as hard to fill up the server.

I personally still have fun in this game whenever I play it, but something feels incredibly off when I do play it. Whilst this is my personal opinion, I do believe the game is one of those games that is past the point of no return unless a miracle happens.

You can argue the reasoning as to why and how declined, whether it be the updates before Kongregate became the new developers, or Kongregate themselves; I don’t think that matters. Like any .io game that I’ve played, many of them have been plagued with unfair gameplay due to hacks and scripts, which I also believe is part of the decline.

Whilst the game is still operational and you can still play the game on multiple different platforms or browsers, the game as it is now is not the game that I remember even if the visuals and the gameplay are almost the same. Doesn’t Exist.

If it does, it’s just a simple imitation of itself, like a parody except it was never funny or amusing.

Even the lore was completely destroyed. Regardless if people enjoyed it, the lore was what brought its charm in the first place.

This is my personal opinion. Take it as you will. What do you think?

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  1. Somehow survivio says failed to join game after I returned to surviv io a few months ago, guess I can no longer play in.

  2. Every game will one day fall no matter popularity, or how good it is even minecraft and tf2 will one day be forgotten this might take years or even decades but it'll happan.

  3. Aᴘᴇɴᴀs Uᴍ Iɴᴛʀᴏᴠᴇʀᴛɪᴅᴏ. says:

    Hello bro, I'm from Brazil I went to know this game 4 years ago at that time I was only 10 years old, was so happy and did not even know, the best year was two years ago where the 50v50 began to exist, it was so cool you come in and see that 100 people had entered instantly, is that you could fight eight people if you were good, a couple of days ago after a long two years I went back into the game. Every second I spent in him was a constant pain that snaps into my chest.

    You specifically were one of the channels I watched the most in the past, thank you for every happy moment you proposed to me, if I told you that this game was so big one day, surely you wouldn't even believe me. I feel so sad that this game died definitely is I couldn't even see him dying, it was so long if i saw this, it's… Damn, I'm almost tearing writing this text, I really loved this game, so many moments, so many things, I couldn't enjoy being young…

    But no, don't be sad because it's gone, it's for what you lived, it just makes me sad because I don't remember almost anything, even though I played constantly, this game is the two games that I broke all of, but it didn't match you clearly, it was a dream. Thank you very much for, it is thank you very much to those responsible for the game, But… Because… Why does it hurt so much?

  4. Unfortunate. I grew up with this game, sad to see it go

  5. Surviv io exists, but it's fatally died now. Died by toxic players, then hackers, and now – official browser game has been locked (doesn't allow us to join).

  6. i play too since 2017 and now its not like 2017 ist realy betther but sadly dead

  7. I mean I could barely explain any convo, anyways gotta say the fact that yes its still dead, Even tho kong didn't sell the game, I mean before in the past the update were completely trash and now we have a good update since the game to rise-fall, great job kong you people did very well at letting this game much fun 👏

  8. يا عمي شركة كونق اصلاً مبهدليً عمارهم بهدله 🫡

  9. yeah this game used to be great it down fall is down kongrate i first played in 2019

  10. I remember playing this game way back, and being pretty good with dual snipers. Brings back memories.

  11. I still play the game. Lobby’s are full with about 40-50 people in classic with a 40v40 in 50v50. Also in potato and cobalt has around 60 players so I don’t know why you’re saying this. Maybe time difference. I play in NA. I agree with you on the other facts though. The only thing Kong did well was adding lasr mode which won’t even come back. I feel like only the home screen had changed. Nothing else. In fact I would say that season 1 had better cosmetics than the new ones. I wish someone could buy the game from Kong and fix it.

  12. My favorite mode was when you were able to disguise as objects, i miss surviv🥲

  13. i wish justin continue working on this game

  14. The games downfall is looking like the stock market right now 😂

  15. The good old days of 2019 will last forever in your memory, but i still have hope that the game will back to the glorious days

  16. Dude, HOW DO YOU MAKE A GAME THIS GOOD SO BAD. It's not a question. It's reality. Seriously, It all went downhill with Kong's ownership.

  17. that's happened to with kogama… kogama don't have a lot of players, T_T

  18. it'sad… legend game. i play it before police station added…

  19. played this from 2018-2020 sad to come back to browser gaming and see that is completely ruined

  20. Played from december 2017 (or even earlier) – may 2021 (with breaks) and kinda just watched this game die. it seems like none of that was as bad as the past year though. Last year there were servers with at least 70+ people (and usually HIT 85).

    I think hackers and devs never doing anything good about them were the first few steps to death, though.

  21. Bruh why in your Channel description you are in Antarctique lmao?!?

  22. ive been a vet ever since the start of this game (2016) and its so sad to see it die after all that grinding ive went through D:

  23. I had fun with it. Not the 2 hour of raging everyday I played it lol.

  24. As someone who's been playing the game religiously since 2018, it pains me to see the state it's dropped to. I've spent 2 years and tens of hours making game concepts, drafting letters to Kongregate, and trying to keep Surviv true to how I remember it. It hurts to see such a fun game with so much potential to go down the drain. The lack of communication was the worst part, though. Kong never even acknowledged their mistakes, spoke to the community, or teased future updates. Hope-gave way to silence-gave way to death.

  25. this game is pretty nice and now everyone is leaving this game because
    1. there are some better io game
    2. there are too many hackers
    3. the game is making itself worse by making battle pass and randomly ban people that are good at the game [not hacks or aimbot]
    4. recently they just delete everyone's account or i can say the login thing does not exist anymore, you cant press login or anything. everytime u click login it will shows u error or crash ur page
    i truly love this game i have played this game since i was 12 from popular to dead
    RIP surviv

  26. Thats what you get when the devs are Just incompetent at doing their job

  27. Its just nostalgia now isn't it
    Just like moomoo

  28. I like how video loaded for multiple months since that post appeared

  29. "a game that used to boast over 10000 players" diep flashbacks

  30. This game's downfall can best be described as "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. "

  31. yet another fun game ruined by cheaters and money hungry mechanics

  32. Playing 1000 hours in a game then see it dead isn't the saddest thing
    Watching how the devs make it into a season pass game without updates is what gets me

  33. I really liked the game in It's mid pace, played it almost very day and it became one of the most fun games I've played, each mode would keep me glued to the game and the fun it had given, I loved the uniqueness it kept going with and on the competitive side I was happy to see my personal best records shatter with bigger ones I could do, I'd would've still somewhat played the game if it didn't end up in the "Seasons Battle Pass and other doo doo skin stuff" path and the state that mostly Kongregate had shaped, the game became more based on skins, it had introduced something me and some of my friends didn't like and the cheaters that possibly still lie in the game had demotivated to keep up with my competitive pace, Agreed that the game isn't how it used to be and sad to see one of the best .io games in my opinion transform to this

  34. I miss queueing up in squads no-fill and getting 20 kills with a saiga-12

  35. I know so much ads like wen i play io games theirs 3 or 7 ads

  36. The nostalgia. I still play sometimes but oh god, the glorious days in 2019… will be remembered forever.

  37. I once tried doing solo squads and no one showed up. It was me myself and I.

  38. Как человек который играл в эту игру с 2017, я думаю, что мне есть, что вам сказать.
    Прошло аж 5 лет, было много ютуберов снимающих видео по Сурвив ио
    Я играл в эту игру почти каждый день и когда появился сюжет, я начал его разбирать
    Был ещё такой ютубер как Намбат, он тоже разбирал сюжет, но ему кинул Конг жб и ему пришлось удалить то видео.
    Сейчас в игре много читиров, нету продолжение сюжета
    Конг убил эту игру своей ленью и жадностью, мне так неприятно всё то, что происходит с этой игрой, у нас всех был шанс спасти эту игру, но прошло 3 года и нечего не изменилось….
    Рип сурвив.ио

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