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The that many of us knew is dead. From its inception in late 2017 to around early 2020, for the most part was at the top of its game. Legitimately good gameplay and game lore to die for (in the eyes of some players).

Whilst the gameplay hasn’t changed much outside of new modes and new weapons, the players have; which does not give the best experience. It would not be surprising of hackers and script users are still abundant, despite Kongregate’s original plea to remove them from the game.

Whilst most games will pass their peak and never to return (.io games or otherwise, this is very natural), games like have had some of the most devastating downfalls to have ever happened.

Whilst events may boost the amount of players for some time, it does not fully reflect on the game itself. Events and special modes should not be relied on to fill even half of the server’s limit. Even separating islands (which is one way to “force” players to make an account) makes it twice as hard to fill up the server.

I personally still have fun in this game whenever I play it, but something feels incredibly off when I do play it. Whilst this is my personal opinion, I do believe the game is one of those games that is past the point of no return unless a miracle happens.

You can argue the reasoning as to why and how declined, whether it be the updates before Kongregate became the new developers, or Kongregate themselves; I don’t think that matters. Like any .io game that I’ve played, many of them have been plagued with unfair gameplay due to hacks and scripts, which I also believe is part of the decline.

Whilst the game is still operational and you can still play the game on multiple different platforms or browsers, the game as it is now is not the game that I remember even if the visuals and the gameplay are almost the same. Doesn’t Exist.

If it does, it’s just a simple imitation of itself, like a parody except it was never funny or amusing.

Even the lore was completely destroyed. Regardless if people enjoyed it, the lore was what brought its charm in the first place.

This is my personal opinion. Take it as you will. What do you think?

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  1. I am back here after it was announced would be shutting down the game.This aged well for all the wrong reasons.

  2. I can't even play the game again anymore, the login is broken

  3. stop making the game look like its suck the game is super good

  4. you cant even play anymore it just says "failed to join"

  5. Sad to see this game go downhill to the point where you can't even play the normal mode without more than 10 players per game. I used to play this game all the time with my brother back in the day. Good times

  6. I just went back to play this game… I used to love it… But now…. All I get is a white scroll screen when I load it up :'(

  7. Yea I’m not allowed to sight in or play

  8. Its dead right now. Cant join anymore. As a pubg clone it was more fun than the original. Buy trying to sell skins they butchered the game. Its such a shame. I was playing at least three rounds a day even though I was owner of pubg pc from day one.

  9. I think of this game, thanks for the entro.

  10. most good io games like surviv and diep are all dying. sad but not the end of the world.

  11. I go into a classic solos lobby for it to barely reach 10 players and at least 2-4 of them are cheatingif we give them the benefit of the doubt and say the lobby has 10 players and only 1 cheater thats still 10% of the lobby cheating. Think about that.

  12. Kong switched community managers in the survivio discord server like 3 times, once every year, no clue why. I think maybe one community update got through, and it was an event mode called “inferno mode”. It was kind of fun, but also kind of bland compared to the other updates that Justin and nick would do. No special buildings. Anyways, still sad that they focus just on cosmetics, battle pass, a market, and clans, none of which actually affects gameplay.

  13. I been here from the beggining and it make my cry and the devs greed it too big and the bugs i cant even play

  14. Yep aucune volonté de Ajouter de nouvelle contenue dans le jeu officiel avec lore ça manque terriblement ça aujourd'hui sinon ça fait fuir beaucoup de joueur selon moi Kong doit vendre le jeu un moment donnée (et je ne sais pas que le jeu est mort)

  15. Perfect timing, kongregate just dropped support and now the game is almost unplayable. Man, I'm going to miss the good times I had with this game.

  16. Wth this is already 3 weeks old? Damn it's broken now

  17. They promised a core game update that would affect they main map (like a new addition like the crimson ring club) and we all waited for it…

    That was almost 2 Years ago essentially… how do you go without updating your game for almost 2 YEARS! I get they want to make some money off it but there isn't going to be any more money to be made if you don't put in a little effort to develop your game and create new things that people will enjoy and come back to the game for… and don't even get me started on how dead the lore is rn…

  18. I was with this game from the start, i stayed with it till the end

    My child hood has died

  19. Right now it just feels lifeless and neglected, kongregate treating it more as a tool for getting some monthly ad revenue than as a functional multiplayer game.

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